Saturday, January 16, 2010

One down, five to go!

Had my first chemo session yesterday. Everything went adverse reactions to the carboplatinum. I actually got done faster than we thought I would, we were out of there just after 3pm! And next time it will be even faster, as I got a bit of a late start as they had to do an EKG on me before I got started yesterday.

Sandy took me for the chemo, I think she will be taking me to all of these. We brought Lily with us as we didn't want her to have to stay in the kennel for that long. She loved being in the car and slept out there. Sandy would go out and take her for a walk and sat out in the car with her for awhile as I was sleeping in the chemo chair. Sandy went to Wendy's to get me lunch and Lily got all upset, thinking they were leaving me behind. Sandy said she whined and fussed, until Sandy told her they were just going to get lunch! She settled down when they came back, and was really happy to see me when I was done.

I felt really good after the chemo and right up until this afternoon, and then all the extra steroids I had taken yesterday wore off and I had to go upstairs and crash in bed. I had forgotten what that feels like, now I remember! HA HA!

My taste buds are already "off" tastes blah. Oh well, I know that doesn't last too long, this too shall pass!

Tonight I'm enjoying watching the Huskies humiliate the Irish. I was hoping for a great game, but this is fun too! When it's over, it will be time for beddy-bye. Jean is staying with me tonight, to see how I do. If the dogs want to get up, we'll see if I can handle it. I think I will be able to, but if I can't, she'll help.

The only problem right now is the damn bowel thing again. I'm "stopped up" again, so it's back to the Miralax for me! Yuck! Oh well, may that be the worst thing that happens....

Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, with my little boy, Rocky, snuggled up to me. And maybe my little girl, Bubbie, snuggled up by my knees.

Nighty night!

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