Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food tastes terrible. It is a real chore to make myself eat. I managed to have a protein shake this morning, a cup of chicken noodle soup for lunch and a quarter of a hamburg patty, some potato and some spinach tonight. After each I sit there and go "blagggghhhh."

At least the nausea meds keep me from throwing the food up!

Last night I missed my little Rocky sleeping with me. The little crud slept with JEAN all night! He even growled at Sandy when she went in to say goodnight to Jean! He is so funny. I did have Bubbles snuggled up to me all night though.

Today, besides the appetite, I just don't feel right. Sandy suggested I try the energy drink, which I did...and it helped me to feel better! I think I'll take one of those a day for see how it goes. It can't hurt!

Oh, and I was able to do three laps around the perimeter of the driveway....up to the mailbox, around and back! Exercise helps with the fatigue from chemo, they say. So I'm going to make myself move every day. Again, it can't hurt!

Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday and everyone is going to Olive Garden. I'll probably skip it, unless I feel A LOT better when it's time to go. I'll miss seeing the "birthday boy" but I'm sure they will have a good time without me.

Now I'm going to try some of that ginger ice cream Sandy got for me. Maybe that will help "kick start" my taste buds.

Nighty night!

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