Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We made it home! One final little glitch--on Rte 2 there was an accident and the traffic was backed up. We bailed out in time and used the GPS to find another way home on the back roads....we saw some stuff we wouldn't have seen and it was fun.

The dogs let us sleep in today. I got up at 8:30 and fed the dogs and let Sandy sleep. I had started doing the laundry from the trip last night and I finished it this morning. So proud of myself. I had it washed and put away by noon time.

We just lazed around today and that was fine with us. Getting caught up on our shows that recorded while we were gone: Housewives of Atlanta; Top Chef; Project Runway; and the Office. You know....all the important shows.

They are going to start showing the old English version of "The Office" on Adult Swim. I'm going to record these...I love Ricky Gervais. And I love, love, love the Office.

Oh....and we watched "Flipping Out"....we love Jeff and Zoila.

Enough of this drivel. I'm off to bed. I have to go to a training session at work tomorrow. I'm going up to Charmine's at noon. We'll go eat at Harry's one more time and then go to work. Should be fun.

Nighty night. Good to be sleeping in my own bed...with my little buddy Rocky and my little sweetheart Bubbles snuggled up to me. Oh...and Sandy too.

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Marieps said...

"Oh and Sandy too." Priceless!