Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sad news from Arizona. Terry and Tom's dog Chloe passed away.

I had called Terry on Monday as we were driving home, to find out how things were going. She told me that Chloe had come up lame and when the vet checked her, they found that she had cancer in her leg--it had almost eaten through the bone. It was also in her lungs. She was still eating and wagging her tail, but they gave her anywhere from three months to two weeks to live.

Chloe was such a sweet dog. We loved her and we know how much the Coney's loved her.

She will be missed.

Not much else going on here. We're resting up and getting ready for our day trip to VT on Saturday for the dogs to run in an agility trial up there. Everyone but Rocky will be in this trial. I may even run Bub or Lily in one or two things. Or, I may leave it for Sandy to do and I'll help with driving. I have chemo Friday morning, so we'll have to see how it goes.

Went to lunch at Harry's with Charmine yesterday and then we went up to the Health Center for our semi-annual Patient Instructor meeting/training. It was fun seeing a lot of my co-workers there yesterday and we got to chat with some of them for awhile, as we got there about an hour and a half early!

I booked our side trips for the cruise today....the zip-line and rappelling tour in Belize (which I have wanted to do for YEARS) and the glass kayak and snorkeling in Cozumel. The kayak is you can see the coral reefs, etc. below you as you paddle around. I may book trips for Guatemala and Key West, but I want to talk with Charmine and Pat about that. We may want to do things together or stay on board the ship and play there. I had wanted to see Mayan ruins but they want too much for that trip. It would be nice, but if I'm not up to the trip I don't want to lose that much money.

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Marieps said...

You ARE brave! I wouldn't do rappelling for a million bucks! Or maybe I would if they suppled Depends-heh, heh. Jane, Cathy and I had a great vacation in Cozumel years back. We saw the Mayan ruins in Tulum and Chitchen Itza (spelling?). I thought they were worth the money but to each his own. Sandy should find good buys on interesting silver jewelry.