Monday, December 7, 2009

Prep work

Today's the big day....for sitting on the potty and purging for the surgery. I screwed up right away and dropped one of the two pills I was supposed to take and it promptly disappeared. I crawled around the kitchen floor with a flashlight, searching for it, no dice. So, I took the one pill and hoped that my bowels would respond.

Lynne came over for "lunch"...which I can't have. She was nice enough to bring me a jar of boullion so I have something to have for supper. She crawled around the kitchen floor with a flashlight, looking for the dice. She boldly predicted that Sandy would find it when she got up from bed.

After Lynne left, the trots started. I guess I only needed one pill after all. Then the process demands that you drink 8 oz glasses of that "golightly" stuff EVERY 10 minutes! OHMYGOD! I have found something that is worse than the CT scan stuff. I dutifully set the timer for 10 minutes and follow the directions to the T. Guess what? The stuff works!

So, Sandy got up from bed and found the second pill. I just took that one and we'll see what happens. I mean, everything is moving quite nicely on just one pill...that second pill will probably rocket me to the moon!

I'm all set for the hospital. I even downloaded a sound machine application for my I can use it in the hospital. It has lots of neat sounds on it...I have a big choice.

Jean and I went to Sears yesterday to get tires put on Sandy's car. Sandy was sleeping at home. Jean told me that she bought me a Blue Ray DVD player...UNBELIEVEABLE! It is a Sony, so it is compatible with the new TV. I hooked it up last night. I tried a Harry Potter movie in it and Deanna is can't believe how it improves the picture! Parts of movies that are dark are so lightened up that you can see so much more detail.

Jean is so good to me. She said that when I'm stuck home this winter because of the flu fears...she wants me to be able to enjoy DVDs on the player. Isn't that the most wonderful thing? I have to come up with something special to do for her. It's so hard to do anything for her, I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

So, next time I write here I should be post-surgery and probably loopy. Who's knows what I will write? Can't wait.

Nighty night

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Swanback Jacks said...

You sure are a busy body Ann. Can't wait for the post surgical update, they are going to have to tie you to the bed. LOL