Friday, December 11, 2009

The Goal

Is to fart.

That brings life down to it's simplest components. I have to fart. If I can manage to eke out a fart...I will be allowed to eat, more than the liquid diet that I am on now.

Once I'm eating, the next goal will be to get on a "regular bowel schedule" as Dr. McCourt says. My heart sank when I heard that and I told her that last time it took almost two weeks to get me "regular." She told me that they would be a lot more aggressive with the meds this time to get me back to regular.
I hope so. If not, I'll be spending Christmas here in Providence.

Yesterday Sandy brought Rocky to visit me. I have the dog's pictures hanging up on the bulletin
board here in my room and all the nurses and aides love them. They were very excited at the prospect of seeing Rocky. Sandy just had to take him to Security, show them that he was all up to date in shots, etc. Then they took his picture and issued an ID badge with the picture on it. He wore it on his harness.

I heard the nurses in the hall yelling, "Rocky's here!" It was a good five minutes before they let him come in my room. My nurse Janet, had taken him away from Sandy and she carried him in to see me, kissing him and he was kissing her. That fickle guy!

Rocky and Sandy went for a walk with me, around the corridors. He was SO GOOD! Everyone loved him and they were buzzing about him for the rest of the shift.

Last night was a little tough. They discontinued my "on demand" morphine and are giving me percoset and oxycodone. Thankfully, those meds work. But when they start to wear off......YOW!

So, I have my liquid breakfast, lunch and dinner, run back and forth to the bathroom to pee (like a race horse); take my meds and walk, walk, walk, to get the gas moving down and out.
That's my day.

Last night I slept in three hours increments, so it was almost like "normal." I do doze quite a bit during the day. It's not a bad life, really.

The "sound machine" app that I downloaded (at Lynne's suggestion) works great! I use it every night. Last night I used "white noise #3" and it put me right out. It was well worth the $1.99 I spent on it.

Tomorrow Sandy is coming up with more supplies and with Jean. I think she might bring Rockster with her too.

So, I'm fading now. Think I'll take a little nap, then get my meds, then a shower. It feels so good to shower. Yep, that sounds like a plan!

Nighty night.


moomag said...

want me to mail you some "dynamite" laxatives?

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