Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Thursday

Maybe I wasn't HOT...but it was warm. Warm enough that I was out there without a jacket and when I got soaked washing the palladium windows, I was able to stay out there with wet jeans and shirt.

I washed the downstairs windows inside and out. That inspired me to drag out the ladder and hook up the hose to the Windew outside window cleaner. I love that stuff, it works so good. You just have to rinse the window, then spray it with the cleaner and then rinse it again. It cleans it so good. Of course, I had to climb the ladder with the hose to reach the window and that's how I got soaked.

I did the palladium window in the master bathroom and the hallway upstairs. I also did the storm door on the deck. It is so hard to clean the storm door as you can't slide out the screen section. So I used this stuff to clean through the screen to get the glass washed. It worked like a charm.

All the windows look great now. Thanks to me....Windex...and the ladder.

Then I got a second wind and put up the outside Christmas lights. Put the three reindeer out by the tree and strung lights on the tree...then put up the rope light on the front porch columns. Job well done. The great thing is all the exterior lights are run off one switch in the garage. We don't have to go out to plug things in, we just flicked the switch! Easy as pie.

Now I'm sitting and vegging on the laptop. Playing all those dopey games, Yoville, Farmville, Mafia Wars, Farmtown, etc. etc. I am totally addicted to Bejeweled Blitz....I bought it and have it on my IPhone and even play it while I'm on the toilet. As a matter of fact, my current high score (which puts me in second place behind Meghan Stone on my list of pals) was accomplished last night while I was taking a dump! Success on two counts!

Sandy and Frank worked today to get the heat lamp installed in the bathroom. I had bought a combo fan/light/heater for the bathroom when we lived in the old house. Sandy was afraid to install it there as she didn't think we had the wiring for it. Now the current fan/light doesn't work right (the light doesn't work) and she decided to install the heater/light/fan combo instead. Turns out all we need to do is install a new heat bulb...instead of the plain bulb that was in there. All that was wrong with it was a faulty switch. She and Frank took care of that today and they picked up the heat bulb. So I guess I won't be freezing this winter when I get out of the shower!

So now I have a combo heater/fan/light to give away. First one who contacts me gets it. It's never been used. It's a nice one too. Not a cheap model.

Let me know.


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Carol said...

Hey Annie, Jim says that sounds great! If we are the first ones to contact you, we'd love to have it! BTB, Jim has a gift for you that he needs to send, hope to get it in the mail this week so you will have it by the time you get home from the hospital. Let us know if we are the winners!