Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The latest and greatest

Haven't posted for awhile and someone reminded me today of it. I have been remiss in not writing here about the latest going's on.

As you may remember, I had a CT scan a couple of weeks ago. I think I commented on it, I usually piss and moan about these tests, which I have to have every three months, as I hate having to drink that crap that give you before the test. Even chemo doesn't bother me as much as that crap does.

Anyhoo, I go for the CT scan and I forget about it. So on Monday I get a call from Dr. McCort (my other new doctor). After a lot of small talk (excessive I thought) about our cruise, etc., she finally gets around to telling me why she called.

It seems that the CT scan showed that I have another cyst on my left ovary (the same thing that I had last year, that started me on this whole whirlwind tour) and it was growing large. Also, my bowel was intersussepting....which means "telescoping into itself." I had had this before and was kind of figuring out on my own that it was happening again. I'm pretty sure this is what had been causing me all the pain I was having in my abdomen back in Aug/Sept.

She said that she has to consult with the radiologist as the scan had been read only by the chief resident, so it was only the preliminary report. She ordered a CA125 test for me and said she wants to see me this Thursday. She cancelled my chemo session, which was scheduled for Friday, because she said that if I do have intersusseption going on, the chemo is bad for it...and I may have to stop taking the chemo.

She is concerned that the cancer is back. I am not concerned about this at all. Although if she is right, I know what I have to do. I believe that this IS just a cyst....a pain in the ass cyst (actually pain in the pelvis cyst) and I believe this because she said that they described it as "fluid-filled." If it was HARD, then I would worry. But fluid-filled doesn't scare me!

Anyway, if I had to stop the chemo I wouldn't shed a tear. I am tired most of the time and I'm sure it's due to the chemo. My bowels are all messed up and I'm sure it's due to the chemo. My fingernails crumble, split and flake...and I'm sure it's due to the chemo. I'm sure the chemo is doing other things too, that I just don't recognize at this time.

On top of all this, the other day my abdomen was bulging and when I pushed on the bulge it made squishing sounds like fluid swishing around. I had Sandy listen and she was mystified about what it was. Then I talked with Carol about it and she said immediately: "sounds like you have an incisional hernia." BINGO!!! That is EXACTLY what it is.

So, I think on Thursday I'm going to be hearing about plans for another little surgery--to get rid of the cyst (think I'll insist on them taking the ovary too); what they can do to stave off the intersusseption and fixing that hernia.

I guess I just like to have surgery in November. This time a year ago I was having my surgery and starting my chemo. This November/December it will be all about small repairs.

So, keep a good thought for me on Thursday. I go at 2:00 to see her and find out the news.

Also, keep good thoughts for my Husky pal, Harvey, who had huge surgery yesterday. He has a lot tougher road ahead of him than I do! I know he will make it, he has a positive attitude and a lot of folks rooting for him.

Speaking of Huskies and rooting....tonight ESPN2, they play in the same house as the Lady Vols. Just not against the Lady Vols. Wonder if GMan and Miss Pat will exchange words? Or, please, PLEASE....fisticuffs! We need some excitement in the women's game...as it looks like UConn will be going undefeated again this year. Ho hum!


Nighty night

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Carol said...

Well Ms Annie, Jimmy and I are sending you the very best thoughts and wishes for your Thursday appt. I was upset to read this post but do believe like you, its not cancer. We will be anxiously waiting to hear your good results. How lucky you don't live in VOL country!! Its getting embarassing already!!