Friday, November 13, 2009

Laptop returns!

Got the laptop back today. Of course, the guy (who's name is Walt and who is VERY NICE) had to clean everything off of it to save it. He did save my document file and all my pictures...but I lost all the music I had downloaded. Fortunately, it's still on my I haven't lost it completely.

So I had to load AOL on the computer and Mozilla and now my sound isn't working. It's funny, it works when I plug in headphones, but not when I remove the headphones. Oh well, maybe I'll dope it out...and it wouldn't be the worst thing if I had to wear headphones to hear the little dings and "You've Got Mail!" stuff. And when I listen to Sirius on the computer I always use the phones anyway.

Jean and Frank came up yesterday and Jean continued her raking job. Frank helped Sandy put an support thing under the deck. I call it a jack and they call it a loblolly or something like that. Anyway, it looks like the jack my father put in our cellar years ago. The deck was sagging and needed to be supported. Don't know why the home inspector didn't see it, but Frank and my brother Steve sure did. And they were right!

And Sandy and Frank cemented in the pole holder for the clothesline. Finally. Now that it's winter and I REALLY need it! (ha ha)

Lynne came up today and finally got her mussells. This made Sandy happy as it frees up more room in the freezer. We have a lot of stuff in that why don't we eat better meals? We're always settling for cereal for supper, or pizza or Chinese.

Tomorrow night is the next neighborhood Crime Watch meeting and we will be attending. We missed the last one as we were in Tampa. There have been more weird things going on, including a car sitting outside a house down the street in the middle of the night, when the son went out to see what was going on they took off at a high rate of speed, and he heard someone in the woods next to the house. They didn't catch anyone though.

I'm watching The Office. I love that show. Michael is so horrible, he makes me look like a good boss! It cracks me up.

Oh, I just realized that UConn is playing on tv....gotta go!

Nighty night!

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