Thursday, November 19, 2009

Once I thought I was wrong....

but I was mistaken.....

This is when those of you who have continued to read this blog, even after it got tediously boring, are rewarded.

You get to be among the first to hear this news:

I went to see Dr. McCort today. After being made to wait for over an hour, she came in and gave me the news. All I can say is, there must be something about the month of November that is ALL WRONG for me!

Long story short, I do have a cyst....actually two cysts, one on top of the other, on my left ovary. They believe it's cancer. I also have some sort of presence near my liver and some vague spots of stuff on my right side, down near where the bowel was stuck to my uterus last November....and on the left side towards my back. When Dr. McCort did my pelvic exam I told her about how my butt has been sore, she did a rectal exam and she and I both feel "something" and it was sore! That's new since the last time I saw her, a month ago.

The report says these are fast-growing things....which is good, because the chemo they give me is great for killing fast growing cancer cells. That's right, I'm going back on the "big chemo"...the carboplatinum and the taxol....and maybe the avastin. First they have to decide if I have surgery or not. Then, if it's surgery, I have to wait for eight weeks after my last chemo treatment, which (if I have been getting chemo in this part of the trial) was four weeks ago tomorrow.

If the decision is to not do surgery, then I can start chemo as soon as next week. I don't really want to have surgery, as long as the chemo gets rid of the cysts as the doctor thinks it will. She was reading Dr. Lachance's report on the surgery he did last November and he noted a lot of scar tissue from my gastric by-pass surgery. I guess I am the kind of person who produces a lot of scar tissue from surgery. Lucky me! I certainly don't want to add to what I already have if I don't need to.

So, it looks like I'll be spending this winter dodging H1N1....which will be my biggest concern. I'll be avoiding shopping and will be breaking out the mask again for my trips to the hospital for bloodwork.

I'm sure I'll also be regaling you with horror stories of constipation and diarrhea once again. I hope there are no vomiting record of not vomiting since 1986 is still intact and I want to keep it that way.

One thing is for sure, we know what to expect and what to do to keep it from happening, or to make it better if it does happen! Live and learn I always and learn.

So, aren't you glad you hung in here with this blog? Now, you can go out and scoop the next guy on this news. Feel free to tell them I told you all about it! You can even gloat that you knew before so and so did....I know I would if I were you! Your faithfulness has been rewarded.

Of course you know I like to jest. That will never change. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend. I'll see you next Spring sometime.....bald and beautiful!!!

Nighty night!


Kati said...

That really stinks!I'm sorry to hear that and you're always in my thoughts and prayers.I love you lots

Carol said...

Well Shit, shit, shit, thats not what I was expecting to hear at all. I prefer to believe your expectations. Santa better load up your stocking with Miralax! Jim is asleep but I'll share with him in the morning. I know you'll hang tough, I can just tell even tho we have never met. You have our prayers lady.

moomag said...

Sorry about the not so good news. You are added once again to our thoughts and prayer lists - not that you were ever taken off! I've been in my I HATE NOVEMBER mood. Maybe its something about being Leos. And it's strange because I love thanksgiving!

Janet said...

Hang tough Annie, we are sending healing thoughts your way.
Not for nothing, but Jeremy says your pic of Homer is disturbing. Now when Jeremy thinks something is disturbing we should pay attention. LOL

Brett said...

Annie - Healing thoughts are heading your way. I love your attitude... it's time to break out the battle jacket.