Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday After

The party was least as far as I was concerned! Lots of people came and lots of old friendships renewed. Sally Andersen and Sue Harvey take the prize for being the people who I haven't seen the longest.....I think I was 17 when I last saw Sue---when we graduated from high school and I haven't seen Sally since I was in college!

Sally also gets the prize for "having traveled the farthest," coming up from down south...although she didn't do it just for this party...she had a family reunion on Sunday to go to. I love her family...always have. They are the nicest people.

Some people surprised me when they showed up.....Lorraine, Bern, Sue and Paul come to mind. What nice surprises! I'm so happy I posted a general invitation on this blog and on Facebook for people to come---so I could have surprises like that.

The weather was PERFECT.....we couldn't have chosen better whether. We did NOT run out of food...had plenty to give stuff to folks to take home with them. Jean had made all kinds of fantastic desserts and folks took that home too. We sent the extra rolls and some other stuff off with Mark for his church picnic on Sunday. It was the least we could do, considering his church let us borrow tables and chairs for the party.

The day was great but it was almost too much. I got to speak to just about everyone (I hope I didn't miss anyone), but the conversations had to be brief. I told people that now they know how to get to our house, I hope they come back, when it isn't so we can sit and talk. It was an "Open House" though, so I hope people realized that it was different than coming for a party.

Roxie stayed over Saturday night. She and Jean were the workhorses on Saturday....making sure everything was running smoothly and cleaning stuff up. She and Sandy went to bed early....I wasn't that far behind them. My knees and legs were aching something terrible and the Tylenol PM wasn't making a dent in it. So, my sleep was very restless and I woke up at 6am, unable to go back to sleep.

I got up and went downstairs, busying myself with picking up odds and ends, dumping coolers, etc. Roxie got up and I made breakfast for us: fried up some red potato that we didn't use for the salad; fried up leftover ham; eggs and toast. YUM!

Roxie showered and headed home in midmorning. I sat in the recliner and basically stayed there the rest of the day and night. I was just throat hurt and I felt like I have hay fever....which I may very well have--it is that time of year!

This AM I didn't feel much better--so I called out sick to work. I'm going to rest up, sit in the air conditioning on this hot, muggy day and recupe. I hate missing work, but perhaps it's for the best. Sandy is taking Taylor, Ryan and one of Ryan's pals to Six Flags. I would have had to lock the dogs up and we might have a t-storm today---conditions are prime for it. Lily would have been a mess.

The Sox have been disappointing me...I have this nice big tv now and all they do is LOSE! Ha ha.
I have faith that will change.

The dogs are going nuts now because the Recycle Truck is out there...wish you could hear all the woofing that's going on right's making my ear drums vibrate!

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