Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Day after Margaret's Birthday!

Yesterday was Margaret's birthday...and me, with my chemo brain forgot about it until last night...and then I needed a reminder from birthday alarm, and Facebook to remind me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maggie!

I went to Pomfret to the Audubon Center and met up with Pam and two women and we all went hiking at the Baker property. It's off of Jericho Road, past Wolf Den....and it was great! Some parts were boggy. We spotted a few unusual toadstools and found an old house foundation, complete with old kerosene stove fallen-into-the-basement. Cool.

Afterwards I went to Pam and Jan's. Pam cooked me a great hot dog, put pepper relish on it and now I'm a fan of pepper relish. We sat outside and chatted for awhile. Great time!

I got a notice from John at the "Remy Report" that the Rem-Dawg was going to be in the booth at the Sox game in the second inning. Sure enough, there he was! It was SO WONDERFUL to see him and hear him again. He said that after his cancer treatment he went into a depression and that is why he took the leave of absence. He hasn't even watched any of the games broadcast on NESN because he feels guilty about not being there, doing his job.

I completely understand. I feel for him. On WEEI this morning they said he had been at the station a month or so ago. He admitted that he worried that fans had forgotten him or were mad at him for not being on the air. It isn't true at all...and I hope that he knows now how much he is missed.

They showed him in the booth on the jumbo screen and the fans went nuts. They gave him the biggest cheer, more than they have given anyone in recent memory. I hope he took it all in and has watched the replay. Maybe he will come back faster.

Come back Jerry! We love you!

And tonight the Pats play....we'll be watching, with fingers crossed, to see how Tom Brady does on that rehabbed knee.

We wish the best for both the RemDawg and Tom.

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moomag said...

Thanks so much for the birthday greetings. I had a great day and evening, my family is so wonderful!
By the way, red pepper relish rocks! Add some to cream cheese and it makes a wonderful dip. If you don't want to make the dip, put some cream cheese on a cracker, then a spoonful of the relish. To die for.
Loved seeing all the pics of the party Its amazing how some people haven't changed at all and others I would never have recognized! Those familar faces reminded me of some of our exploits and now Emily can put faces to the names!