Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mary came over this AM and washed the a way that they have never been washed before! They sparkle!

Mary wanted to come again tomorrow and power wash the house and do the floors with Rejuvenate....but Sandy put her foot down and said it's "too much" and I have to agree. I felt sick after Mary left, I was so tired. I guess I hit the wall, all the work I've been doing caught up with me.

I did the woodwork downstairs and tonight I washed the upstairs windows...not as nicely as Mary's job downstairs, but they are clean.

Tomorrow I have to go to the store and buy the rest of my supplies; cook my hams and get stuff laid out. Saturday morning will be a whirlwind and then I plan on cruising thru the afternoon, visiting with folks.

Terry may come over later in the day...she's visiting from see Lily, her new granddaughter (her first). I hope she does come, so she can meet Lynne.

Audrey and Luke are Audrey will get to meet her "Yoville" friends, Lynne and Leon.

Actually, a lot of people are going to meet each other for the first time on Saturday. I just hope people mingle, getting to know each other, instead of staying in little "clans" in the backyard!

Sox just lost to the Yanks....their first loss to them this year. Let's hope it's the last. I'm beginning to dread John Smoltz's starts for the Sox. He has been a big bust so far....I know he's an Hall of Famer...but PLEASE!

I'm I'm off to bed. It will be time to make the donuts before I know it...

Nighty night!

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