Saturday, August 1, 2009

August is here, my friends...

First, my eye is much better. So much so that I forget to put the salve in at night. I have to try to remember...but I have so much trouble with my memory now due to "chemo brain" that it's a wonder I remember to put on my glasses!

I went to chemo Friday...Richard came with me in case I needed someone to drive. Poor guy...I had to be there early because they forgot to order a urine test so I had to do that on the day of..and I had to see the nurse practitioner to get the ok for chemo. Then for some reason it took forever to do the urine test and I didn't start getting my chemo until after 11:30! And my original start time was supposed to be 9:30. We didn't get home until about 1:30....and I didn't need him to drive.

He left, shaking his head and wondering why he had to come with me at all. Well...don't you know as soon as I got out of the car I started feeling all weird and then I got the bad I didn't make it onto the toilet in time. It was bad.

That totally proves I'm getting the chemo....not a placebo. I had been constipated all week and I go for chemo and BAM I get the runs????? C'mon!

I told the nurse my concerns about the symptoms I've been having...the bloat is back; the constipation; the weight gain and the running to pee constantly. She did a pelvic and felt nothing...which doesn't mean a thing to me. I had a two centimeter cyst on one ovary and a three and a half centimeter tumor on my right ovary and no one felt a thing!

She agrees and says that the CT scan will tell the tale. I go next Wednesday. Insult to injury...they didn't have any of the flavored "chalk" they make you drink. I talked to the nice lady at the CT scan office and she suggested I come in two hours early and they will have the "nice" berry flavored drink for me. I said YAY!

The CT scan "beverages" are the worst part of this whole ordeal. They are the WORST! I'm happy to have the scan though, considering the symptoms. I'm hoping that they are connected to something else, of course. We'll see.

I told the nurse about my continued sleep problems. I'm so irritable and downright nasty from lack of sleep. She told me to try Tylenol PM. Sandy got some for me (the poor thing, she's probably desparate) and I took some last night. I did sleep better--I woke up a few times, but didn't have trouble going back to sleep. I got up feeling fairly refreshed. Let's hope it continues.

We had our SNEAK picnic today and I was responsible for making sure we had all the food/supplies we needed. We had a small turn-out due to the change in the picnic date, but it was a beautiful day, we had good food there and a nice group of folks. I got to sit outside and not have to weed anything for a change.

Tomorrow I go back into the yard to work on stuff. Trimming and weeding. Have to pick up some mulch. Sandy is going to do a quick mow---she'll do the complete mow again on Wednesday. Then I hope she's going to put the TV table together and we can get the new TV installed. Can't wait to see that satellite picture on that big screen.

What is with the tornados in Connecticut? Another one yesterday. This weather is so crazy. Thank goodness we have a new thunderstorm routine for Lily that works. She has gone into the closet with the lights on and has done well...I'm happy for her. It kills me to see her so anxious. The weather isn't I'm glad she has found her "safe place."

Here's hoping we don't get the t-storms that they say we may get tomorrow.

Oh, Martinez just got his first hit as a Sox---drove in a run. YAY!

Nighty night!

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priseverlasting said...

Ann, you are incredible! You accomplish more in a day than anyone I know! Now I know who the real "super woman" is!