Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little puppy

I have a little Sweetie Pie on my lap...he is asleep and dreaming about something...he's twitching every few seconds. I hope he isn't dreaming about getting hit by that car! If he seems upset, I'll quietly wake him up.

He spent the morning on my lap...and Bubbles was willing to join him up there. We all dozed in the recliner. I wasn't feeling good at all...every day it seems I feel sick after I have breakfast. I don't know what is causing it...but it seems to be getting worse every day. It doesn't matter what I eat for breakfast, today it was my protein shake with the glutamine in it.

Maybe it's the glutamine that is doing it...whatever it is...I don't like it, not one little bit. I even had to take one of my anti-nausea pills this morning...haven't had one of those in weeks! Now I'm thinking it would be a smart thing to get the refill prescription made up. If it's going to be like this every morning I'm going to need help.

Anway, we all reclined quietly this morning and fell asleep. It was so nice and snuggly (after my stomach settled down) and it felt SO RIGHT! That's how I know that Rocky is here to stay.

He is no trouble whatsoever...except when you put him in his kennel--then he barks and makes all kinds of weird crying sounds--very pathetic actually. Fortunately he's only got to be in there for another couple of weeks.

Last night he went into his kennel in the bedroom and didn't make a peep until about 5:45 this morning...even when I got up in the middle of the night to use the facilities...he was quiet. He also quieted right down after I brought him back upstairs from going out to pee. He ate his biscuit and went back to sleep like the rest of them.

Truman rolled him bad today...on Sandy's watch. Sandy was afraid that Rocky hurt his leg again...the pins could bend, he could knock his pelvis out of line many bad things could happen. And Truman slammed him....nasty little dog he is.

I was able to make it to Mystic this afternoon to Gram's wake. Saw Annette, her mother and her aunts. Seems the only time we see each other is at wakes lately. I hope Anna and Annette can come up here sometime and see the place when everything is blooming. They would really like it...and the bird watching off the back deck is really good!

Speaking of birds, we had a pair of Northern Orioles in one of the dogwoods the other day. Then the hummingbirds showed up. I hope the orioles find the grape jelly we put out for them. We also have to get that martin house put up, if we want to have any chance of attracting some this year. Otherwise, we'll have to wait until next year. I want to get some wren houses too and put them up in the fruit trees out keep the wrens out of the bluebird houses! Maybe we could get some bluebirds to nest!

Birgitta and Mats bought a new house. They had the closing yesterday and sent pictures is BEAUTIFUL! The kitchen is awesome...really big with a nice island and great countertop space. The patio area is huge and looks so peaceful! I can't wait to see it next year when we go to Sweden.

Tomorrow Lynne is coming up when she gets off work. We'll travel up to Putnam and get Bob and go out to Buster's for some barbecue. I haven't got the barbecue urge out of my system yet. I hope Buster's is open on Mondays. If it isn't there are plenty of places in Putnam and the surrounding towns we can go to for lunch.

Thursday the folks from Dempsey are coming for dinner. They are bringing food and I'm going to provide some stuff too. It will be the first time I see Janine, Al and Julie and Mark Ballard in a long time...they are coming--along with Roberta, Maureen, Tina, Russ and Richard. We are going to have a GREAT time! I may even get out the Rock band and make them play/sing along!

Still no symptoms that make me think I'm getting the Avastin. See...what did I say? I won't get it during this part of the trial....I'll be getting a placebo every three weeks for the next year. Watch, now that I said that, I'll start having the side effects.

One side effect that is still with me and will be for awhile is the neuropathy. It happens intermittently as I said before and at weird times. Like today...I didn't feel it at all, until I was getting ready for the wake and all the way over to Mystic and back---the numbness started at the bottom of my left foot...just a section of it. It is so weird.

Oh HELP ME PLEASE!!! That damned Joe Morgan is making an idiot of himself again broadcasting the Red Sox game. JUST SHOOT ME!!! We have to listen to this jackass? He repeats every point three times! He can't say something once and leave it be....he has to go on and on about it...makes me want to retch!

Rocky is stirring, stretching out to get more comfy. I think I will too.

Nighty night!


Marieps said...

That Rocky sure knew how to get comfortable right away! What a lucky and cute little puppy he is!

SueBear said...

Can you take the glutamine at night instead of in the morning? Sometimes time of day makes a difference in the body's reaction to a med. Well, that's been my experience anyway.