Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ryan came last night...slept over. He stayed up too late, I'm sure...because I got up to use the facilities and it was about 1:30 and the tv was still on. That's okay...we made him get up when we got up.

I made a big breakfast for them...bacon, homefries and eggs. Ryan ate every morsel. He always eats when I make him breakfast. Then he played Zelda on the Wii. Later he and Sandy went out and played lacrosse in the yard.

It was a beautiful day, but quite windy and, as a I hate to look the gift horse in the mouth, but I would like it a bit warmer. Maybe tomorrow.

We drove down to Waterford, picked up Jean and then it was off to Koto for dinner. At first Ryan had the "puss on" and we thought, "uh-oh!" But then he really got into the "performance" of the chef...and he enjoyed himself. We did too...and the food was wonderful! I was proud of Ryan...he's not a "salad guy" but he tried it at least! He tried the soup and ate all of it. He liked t he steak, rice and veggies. I had steak and salmon combo---excellent. Sandy and Jean had the steak and shrimp combo. We all came home with doggie bags...tomorrow's lunch!

Sandy and I will be going back to Koto next Tuesday with the Seaside ladies.....I can't wait to see them trying to catch the bits of zucchini that they launch at you! I couldn't catch one bite....damned new glasses! I had them bounce off my head, my lip and finally, my glasses! With that the guy gave up! I can see Ellen now, laughing her ass off as the zucchini whizzes by!

Then it was back to Waterford to drop Ryan home, then drop Jean home and then we headed north. Oh, stopped at BJs to buy snacks for the workers at the agility trial this weekend. And we stopped at Ocean State Job Sandy could buy 20 boxes of bandages for her poison ivy. That should take her through the weekend...poor, pitiful, pathetic thing!

Wish me luck tomorrow getting my blood work done....luck that my platelets and white cell count is up and luck with the needle stick itself...that the hematoma it leaves be as small as possible! I'll be able to tell how my platelets are just by how much I bleed after the needle stick. Low platelets...I'll bleed a bit.

Also, since all of you have such good vibes; prayers and great positive thoughts, please keep Judi's sister; Jane's brother and my friend Jimmy in your thoughts. Judi's sister is having stem cells transplanted; Jane's brother was just diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer (guys....don't be stupid, get tested!) and Jim sees his doctor tomorrow to find out if he needs to undergo radiation therapy now or if the chemotherapy got it all. These are great people and need all of our good wishes.

Also, keep some good thoughts for Claude, Lynne's cat; Jay Jay--Deanna's cat and Daisy, my brother Ernie's dog---they are all sick and their illnesses are very, very serious. Maybe some good thoughts going their way will help them get better, or help them have a peaceful journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

On that note, I bid you....

Nighty night!

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Jim Donovan said...

Good thoughts and wishes back at ya from Jim and Carol.........your great to always be thinking of others!! We've got our fingers crossed!!