Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sorry about that

Sorry if I got some people bummed yesterday with my posting about everyone forgetting me in the coming months! That isn't what I meant to say...and I don't think that everyone will forget me...I guess I was just having that thought and there's little disconnect betweem my thoughts and this keyboard...never has been.

Yesterday was a semi rough day and I couldn't figure out why...until this AM. I felt drained most of the day, napped frequently and just felt low-grade yucky.

Sandy took me up at 8pm for a shower...which I didn't want to take...I was freezing and just wanted to get in bed. Well, the shower made me feel better and I got in bed just in time for to watch the Huskies whup BYU on our new flat screen HDTV! What a difference over the old, small screen tv we had up there...I could actually read the score posted at the top of the screen!

Anyway, dozed thru the second half and put the lites out at the end of the game, happy they won. I got up a few times in the night, nothing new, but it seemed I was peeing a lot more than usual.

This AM I couldn't help but notice that my butt was decidedly smaller...and my legs too! That was the water weight coming off. I mean there is a huge difference today from yesterday. I was also able to ditch a bunch of pillows and lie pretty much flat in the bed AND ON MY LEFT SIDE!!!! I lay that way and slept for a few hours! I didn't get up until 11:00! WOW!

This is the first time I've been able to lie on something else than my back...and to not have to be propped up is HUGE! My back has been getting really tired and also getting some pressure points from lying on it so much. What a relief to know that I can roll to my left and take some pressure off my back. I tried the right side too...but that spot still hurts to much to call it being comfortable on my right side.

Today again I feel chilly and tired...just lying in the new, beautiful leather recliner...typing away. Now I know that when I'm feeling yucky like this it's most likely because posititive changes are taking place that I am not yet aware. (I think that last sentence is grammatically incorrect...but don't have the desire to tinker with it right now).

Another milestone...I was lying in the recliner...all chilly and tired and I heard the mail lady pull up. I got it in my head to get up and go get the mail. Now, we have a semi long driveway and it gets a bit steep as you get closer to the road...I made it up there...a vision, I'm sure, in my big fluffy pink pants, blue slipper and navy blue oversized fleecey Martha's Vineyard top. Anyway, I made it up to the box...held on as I opened it, gathered up all the mail (huge armload) and made my way back to the house. I was winded...and a little dizzy, but I sat in the sun by the koi pond, slowing my breathing and relaxing, watching my fishies. Then it was time to get up and back into the house.

I have been wanting to do that since I was in the hospital. I feel justified relaxing now...I got my exercise for the day. Tomorrow I will walk up and down the stairs to the second floor three times...that will be my exercise for Turkey Day. I don't walk as much now as I did in the hospital. There I had a nice big route I could take through two I have just the kitchen, dining room and living room to stroll through. So the walk to the mailbox will be my goal from now on on days when the mail gets delivered.

Here's hoping today's activities force even more water out of me...I'd love to be able to get down another 20 pounds before I start chemo! I know I can't get rid of all of it because the tumors continue to make fluid in my abdomen..but if I can get the legs, feet and butt under control...good for me!

Don't know if I'll be posting again tonight or, HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends. Shed the stress for once, relax and enjoy!


Marieps said...

You're right about people forgetting. Not that they'll really forget-they'll forget for a while and then they'll remember and then they'll forget again. And not that anyone could ever really forget you for cryin' out loud!

SueBear said...

Once upon a time, I was whining cause it was raining and I couldn't walk. Some wise soul told me the worst that could happen if I walked in the rain was that I would get wet. (She was right!)

So...explain again why you can't walk to the mailbox on days when there is no mail? It's still a place to go, a thing to do.....and, if it's not raining, you won't even get wet!