Friday, October 24, 2008

Big Adventure tonight! The power went out in the neighborhood....which is odd since all the utilities are buried in this area.

Anyway, it hit a bit after five. I had time to gather the lanterns and put tea lights in the other candle type lights. I also got a fire going to keep it warm in here.

I was just cooking my supper on the grill (used the side burner for the first cook my baked beans) when a light went on in the side yard. I said to myself, "oh, Cliff and Kathy have lights...." then I realized it was our motion sensor light on the garage. DUH! I turn around and look, sure enough...lights on in the breakfast nook!

I was looking forward to the peace and tranquility of no electric hums, tv, etc. Maybe I'll go in the cellar and pull the switch!

The dogs got a bit hinky about not having power...they found it very strange and were very clingy for awhile. Then they settled down and enjoyed it.

I got the winter comforter for the bed down from the attic and on the bed...along with the mattress warmer. I'll be all set tonight...I can have the window open long as no one is burning wood like last night. I couldn't take the smoke coming in the was really choking me. I had to get up and shut the window. I put the ceiling fan on and that kept me nice and cool even though the window was shut.

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