Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Okay, I was going to keep my mouth shut about this, but I am so frosted about the whole thing that I can't help myself.

Monday I went out with Pauline.  When I came home there was a message on my answering machine from Melanie, the nurse practitioner I saw last week at the Oncology center.  She examined me and interviewed me before Dr. McCourt came in to see me. 

Anyway, Melanie's message was that she was trying to reach me to discuss "some test results" with me.  She tried to call back at 7pm, but I just missed her.  She said she would be back to work on Wednesday.

Sooooo...this means I have to stew about this message for two days.  UGH!  Of course I figured out quickly that the results in question have to be my CA 125 test, which was the only test results that we didn't have at the time we met last week.  I figured that the numbers went up...but I wasn't worried about it because 1) the CT scan results were great and 2) this has happened before when I was on chemo and it was just a glitch.  The numbers came back down quickly.  

So I stew slowly since Monday night.  Even though I have it figured out, it still stays on my mind, because that's the nature of the beast, I suppose.  I even woke up this morning thinking about it!  So, I call her back this morning after I have breakfast...and it's just as I thought....but the number was ridiculously high....87.  It goes up to 87 from 5?    Sandy points out that inflammation could make that happen and guess what?  When I had the blood drawn for the test, I was still having some symptoms from the stupid UTI.  So, I am definitely sure that next week when they will run the test again, the number will drop back down.

 My doctor isn't concerned, she said she "wasn't impressed" with the CA 125 results.  She isn't considering changing anything about my treatment.  She will order the test again and I will have another CT scan in four weeks. 

So why am I frosted?  I'm frosted because they should have not told me about the results of this test until next week when I came up for treatment or they should have just left a detailed message, including what my doctor's reaction is about the whole thing.  I told Melanie time just leave the message.  She is a very nice very forthcoming with information (she's the first one to give me a copy of the CT scan report), but she leaves a message like that for me on the phone?  She won't do that again.  I also gave her my cell number and told her to use that number if she can't get me at home.

On to other updates.  I will be covering some Sun games this year, starting June 1st.  I may cover the opener on May 20th, but I have to check what time the game is, we are at the Hebron Fairgrounds for the Jack Russell games that day. 

Okay off now to enjoy this rainy sleepy day.


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