Monday, May 9, 2011

Trip to Maine

We made it to Maine and back, safe and sound. Sandy was stressing on the way up, about getting gas. I pointed out that we had enough gas to go to Maine and back, but she wanted to gas up before we left. I refused, as gas is super expensive here and we could get it cheaper in MA or ME.

We agreed to get it at the rest area on the Mass Pike and then decided to go 290 to 95, avoiding the Mass Pike and Boston. We realized that we were not going to hit the rest area when we were just about out of MA. So, we sailed on to Maine and then got gas on Rte 1 on the way into Ogunquit.

Before I tell the story about the gas, I have to tell the story about the EZ pass. We got an EZ pass so we don't have to stop the RV at the tolls. We had been talking about getting one anyway, because we do travel through tolls a lot en route to agility trials, etc. Anyway, we got the pass in the mail last week.

So we are coming up to a toll at the bridge in New Hampshire...EZ Pass get in the left lane:::::EZ Pass get in the left lane::::::: We get in the left lane. Now, we have NOT affixed the pass to the windshield per instructions because we want to use it in our other vehicles and we know people who leave them lying on their dashboards when they go through the toll and it can read the device. At the last possible second, we get nervous about the location of the I'm disconnect my seat belt (which always makes me paranoid) and I'm leaning out over the dashboard, holding the pass. We keep looking for the gate to go through. Don't see it. All of a sudden I realize I'm holding the pass backwards! I flip it over, Sandy is whining a high pitched sound of fear (that we will get a ticket I guess) and suddenly we are back in multi-lane traffic and neither one of us can figure out when we went through the EZ Pass gate!

We may get a ticket, will have to wait and see. This is getting to be a habit with me...trouble with the EZ pass the time when I drove through the EZ pass lane in MA when Robin and I were driving to Lenox. Never got a ticket for that one...guess the expression on my face when they took the picture told the story.

Back to Sandy and her gas situation. We pull into a Mobil station and into the last lane. Sandy says "we're not going to have enough room, I can't reach the gas." I tell her to park it right where it was....she says, "oh DUH! We'll fill up at THIS pump (the second pump)." I told her, "right, I don't think they will complain about us taking up two pumps when they see how much gas we are going to be buying." We could buy "only" $90 worth of gas on one card and then I stuck my card in and put in another $90. That put us up over FULL. Not bad (cough::::cough:::Gag::::gag).

Then it was time to get the rig out of there....and don't you know a car full of teens pulls up to a non-parking spot in front of the station door, kitty corner, and blocking our exit. We had to sit there waiting for the kids to come back out and take off. Then Sandy very nicely swung that rig around the end of the gas median, bringing the car along with her....just like a pro!

We found our campground in Wells very easily. We went in and they told us we had our pick of spots, except the sites that had paved pads...those belong to seasonal campers. We headed down to the seasonal area, swung around twice and found a nice one on the end of a row. We unhooked the car and the dolly, leveled the RV, got the slides out and were all set, quicker than you can say WINNEBAGO. I was very proud of us!

This campground is nice. It has trees, electric/water/sewer hookups at every site and it was very quiet and clean. We want to go back in the fall, this time bringing Jean with us.

Everything we like to do was located very close to us at that site. Jakes was within walking distance, the bakery is right down the road, Reny's was about a mile away, the Maine Diner about two miles away and if there hadn't been an accident that rerouted the traffic, we would have been within 25 minutes of that Marden's store we like to hit in Sanford.

Speaking of Sanford, Jack (who lives there) came down to see us on Saturday AM. We went ouf for breakfast at The Egg and I and then Jack came back for a little visit. We had a great time, laughing as usual and it was great to see him again. We have known each other for over ten years doesn't seem possible. Jack is someone I met on the internet and became friendly with, and then met in person at Gampel. We've been fast friends ever since.

Friday night (back up now) we went out to eat at Jake's....a place we "found" last time we were up there. I had a combo plate (whole bellied clams and scallops) and Sandy had clam strips (fake clams, I call them). I heard the guy in front of me ask for half and half (fries and onion rings) so I did the same. I know a GREAT idea when I hear one! The meal was delicious. We got the small portion meal...and it was a lot of food. I left a lot on the plate (but no clams).

Saturday was Egg and I (pecan waffle) and then off to Marden's after Jack left the RV. There was a motorcycle accident and the traffic got rerouted...we ended up meandering thru the woods for a while, but then found our destination.

We were looking for a little ottoman for the RV...something to put our feet up on when we were sitting in the chair. Well, I found two plastic little "end tables" like I had by my bed when I lived in a trailer when I was in the Army (and I thought I was so rich)....we bought both of these tables--about $5 for the two. We put a little pillow on one and VOILA! an "ottoman!" The other one serves as a little table to put our drinks/plates on when we are sitting on the couch.

We found some other little odds and ends for the RV at this place too. This Marden's is like a step-down from Ocean State Job Lot, so you can imagine. It's like Railroad Salvage. We LOVE poking through it. Of course, Jack said he would NOT set foot in it! HA HA! That's our Jack!

By the time we found our way back to Wells, we were hungry. We had had a late breakfast and no lunch, so we hit the Maine Diner around 4:30...beating the crowd. We each had a cup of seafood chowder--they won the Wells Chowder Festival with this entry last year--big hunk of lobstah, clams, shrimp, fish and scallops in a delicate milk base....fantastic! I had (mistake), codfish cakes and baked beans. That did me in.

I spent the night running back and forth to the toilet. I was so happy we had the sewer connection at the site. "nuff said.

Oh, Sunday as we were packing up to go home, Sandy read the instructions about the television reception in the RV...and found the signal booster! We went from having no reception to being able to get eight stations...of course, there wasn't anything on we cared to watch, but now we know how to boost the antenna!

Sandy had purchased "Ratatouille" and "Finding Nemo" at Mardens. We couldn't find that damned "Finding Nemo" anywhere at Walt Disney World, but we get it at Mardens!

Sunday morning I made bacon and eggs and english muffins for us for breakfast. Then we closed up the rig, hitched up the dolly and loaded the car onto the dolly and we were ready to go. But FIRST...I have to roll up the car I set the emergency brake, start up the car and put up the window. Shut the car off and get back in the rig. One last check around to make sure everything is secure and off we go....WAIT...we are having trouble. Doesn't feel right.

Of course, I had left the brake on and we were dragging my car across the campsite...leaving two long deep ruts! I get out and pop the brake and then ask Sandy for the shovel to fix the ruts. She gets out and starts bossing me..."you go to the office and let them know we've done this damage and are fixing it and I will fix the ruts." I tell her "no, I can fix the ruts." She: "no, you just took your energy drink, you need to rest, I'll shovel." Me: gets mad, throws shovel down, hikes off to office.

Later we discuss it and admit that we both over reacted. I point out that when she forgot to put the pin in the tow dolly I didn't get all up in her grill. As a matter of fact I just asked her, "did you put the pin in?" and she said, "no I forgot, thanks for reminding me." And I didn't say another word. So, how come when I make a mistake, she has to "take over" like I can't do anything right?

We have it worked out now. We learn. We made it home safe and sound. She even let me drive after we stopped to make lunch and check the tow. The road was very bumpy (it being Massachusetts) and the belts that we rachet on to the front tires loosened up.

We got that car unhitched, parked in the garage, dolly unhitched--towed the dolly down to the lawn with Sandy's car and the RV backed down the driveway and parked in it's spot quicker than you can say WINNEBAGO. We took the essentials out of the RV and we were done!

So much easier than camping in the tent or staying in a hotel. And it cost us about as much as it would to stay in a hotel...factoring in the gas and campground cost. If we had eaten more meals in the RV, it would have been much cheaper than our usual weekend trip to Maine--gas, hotel, meals, etc.

Now, my Dad. Today it finally happened. I called and he answered the phone. I told him who I was and we chatted a minute, then I asked to speak to Wini (yes, that's how she spells her name). I heard him telling her that there was someone on the phone, "a woman who takes care of us"...he didn't remember my name. I won't say it hurt me, because I have been anticipating this day and because last week he called me "what'shername" but it did surprise me that he thinks of me as someone who "takes care of them."

I think he's right. I am taking care of "them." Wini's memory is failing. I told her I was not coming up tomorrow to get the papers, but would come over Wednesday afternoon instead. She admitted that she did not remember what papers I was talking about. I reminded her that I needed Bob's financial info so I could complete the Westview application. She remembered then...but I can see that she is slipping fast. For her sake, we may have to place Bob sooner than we thought.

I have to get on the ball and get that application in. We may not be able to protect any of his money...the rule is five years now. Oh well, we never thought we were going to get any kind of inheritance...but I do worry about Wini's money getting tapped. However, at the rate she's going she may be joining him in the nursing home...not that this would be a bad thing. He is so dependent on her and obviously loves her very much.

Now i switch gears to Sox and Celts....Go BOSTON!


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