Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Now, where were we?

Okay, we took the RV (Jacks in a Box) to the Chester Fairgrounds for the agility trial weekend. We only screwed up once...when we tried to get in the wrong gate. The guy who runs the grounds said we could fit...but we are kind of attached to the side view mirrors, so we decided to not force the "bus" through that small hole.

We had to unhook the car, unhook the towing dolly and drive the car through the gate and the rig backed up and went around to the other...big...gate.

I think I have already written about how the rig was wonderful when it poured rain all day Saturday and how much I loved being able to lie in the AC when it got so hot on Sunday. So, I won't bore y'all with that again.

We have been busy buying more stuff for the RV....a step for outside, when the steps are raised up due to leveling...sometimes you really have to climb to get to the first step...this step sits on the ground and helps with this problem.

We also got a boot tray which we quickly learned we needed when it was pouring out and we were coming in with wet, muddy shoes. We also got a fold up will fit in the shower or we can put it outside. Picked up a small air compressor, a voltage meter (to check the electricity at the sites we go to); more silverware, and a grab bar for the shower.

The place is looking good. Of course, Sandy had to buy all new kennels, doggie beds and doggie blankets...the "old" ones just wouldn't do, obviously. Oh well, it doesn't break the bank and it all looks good.

We took the rig to the local RV campground in Lisbon, to dump the poop tank. Sandy was all worried about this job and was driving me nuts. So, we took a Sunday drive and went over there--Ross Hill Road Campground. We loved the place! So nice and neat and the lady was very friendly. We are thinking about camping there, in a site next to the Quinebaug River some weekend. Just to get away. We can bring the kayaks and explore a part of the Quinebaug we have never been on. We could also invite our friends to come visit, have a meal with's close enough for people to come on over. I'm thinking we will be doing this...soon.

Anyhoo, Sandy hooked up the hose to the poop tank, I set the other end in the dump tank hole and held it down tight. She held her end tight (we both had rubber gloves on) and pulled the lever, releasing the "load" went roaring down into the septic tank. Then she pulled the handle, releasing the gray water tank contents....this roared out also and while it traveled the length of the hose, it helped rinse out any remnants left from the "black tank." Then I went into the RV, fired up the generator, turned on the water pump, put some Dawn for dishes in the toilet, pumped the water a bit to get clean water and Dawn in the poop tank, ran clean water through the sink, into and out of the gray water tank and out the hose, rinsing it out with clean water.

We were professionals.

Sandy admitted later that she had been really stressing about doing this job and was extremely relieved that we accomplished the task successfully. We know that it won't always be that easy...we have heard horror stories about tanks that are higher than the RV, places where you have to run the hose over walls, etc. But our virgin experience was wonderfully easy and trouble-free.

We were going to take Jean to Maine this weekend, for Mother's Day and for her birthday. We always go to Maine this time of the year. This time we were taking her in the RV. Well, Nami (Jean's dog) came up to the house Sunday, went upstairs and apparently jumped off the bed (we didn't know any of this) and tore her knee....she had surgery on the other knee two years ago...had torn the MCL...this time it was "only" the CCL...whatever that is. She was operated on Tuesday and is coming home tomorrow, so Jean can't go to Maine.

We are still going and will be taking Truman, the seasoned traveller, with us. Should be fun. Hope to get some shopping done at Reny's and that place we found last time. Going to go back to the moccasin place too.

I finally got back in the gym yesterday. First time in ages. I did a little over an hour workout/stretch session. Came home energized, cleaned the house, made chicken dinner, etc. I have been making myself go to bed early and get up early and it's working. I have more energy now and feel better too.

I went to see my Nurse Practitioner yesterday and asked her to recommend a therapist for me. She thought I wanted a nutritionist because I had told her I was concerned about the weight I'm gaining. I told her, "no, I know how and what to eat, I'm doing emotional eating and I need to work on that."

I know it's time to see someone to talk about the whole cancer bit, all the stuff with Bob Miller and Wini and the pressure I'm feeling about that situation and anything else that comes up and I'm sure there is other stuff.

I enjoy therapy...I learn a lot about myself and I feel it really helps me. I recommend it to everyone and I know it's time for me to return to therapy.

I hiked up the stairs after I saw Kathleen, to the woman she recommended, she called her "Faith Hope"...turns out her name is Faith Marion...dunno where Kathleen got the Hope part, they found that to be funny, up there in the office where the woman works. Anyway, they couldn't make an appt for me because their computers were down! I called this AM to see if the computers were working and they still were out of commission. I told them I'd wait for their call.

Sandy got nervous when I told her I was going to go to therapy....guess she thought there was really something seriously wrong and maybe it was about her....NO! She should see a therapist about that kind of thinking.... Our relationship is stronger than ever.

I just want to be able to laugh like I used to. I haven't had a belly laugh in a long time. I think I've "numbed myself out" about the cancer and I know I need to get "in touch" with my feelings about it. I also have been in denial about my Dad and every time I see him I realize more and more what the future looks like for him and us.

Speaking of my Dad...I was going to take him home with me tonight, but Wini reported that she was feeling much better, had been able to sleep more and so we changed the plans. I went up and took them out to lunch at the sandwich place near the train station. Good sandwiches. Then I took Bob to the optician and got the nose piece put on his old glasses. As a matter of fact, the guy put two new nose pieces on. Bob had been wearing the glasses with the metal bracket for the nose piece sticking into his nose!

Then I bought new glasses for Bob. We designed some very lightweight frames for him, with temples that would hook around his ears. That way they will be less likely to slide off his face when he's working out in the yard...that's how he lost his glasses...they slipped off in the leaves and he was distracted and didn't look for them right away. They were lost forever. So, Bob will have new, fashionable frames in about two weeks.

Oh, and his vision is soooooo GOOD! I got a look at his prescription and I wish my eyes were that good! He's only a -2.00! C'mon!

Then we went back to the house and I called the phone company and discontinued his phone service. It was the end of an era. He has had that same phone number since 1978 when he married Loretta. It had to be done. He was paying every month for phone service he never used. He has a cell phone that he uses for long distance calls.

On my way home I stopped at Westview and picked up another application for admission. Wini can't find the one we got before. She is starting to lose things, forget things, confuse's a real circus up there somedays.

The big accomplishment though was this: I have been trying to get Bob to take Tylenol Arthritis Formula with every meal, to keep his back pain down to a manageable level. Dr. Botta agreed and said he should keep the bottle right on the table so he remembers to take them. Wini and I have been feuding about this...she keeps insisting the doctor said Bob should take the pills "as needed." I point out that we are trying to keep the pain from getting to be too much...and he needs to take them whether he feels pain or not. Wini keeps saying "as needed"...but then wouldn't give them to Bob when he complained his back was hurting.

She wants him to ask for the pills...she doesn't want to "impose" anything on him. She is in denial about how much memory he has lost. He won't ask for the pills, because he forgets that he has pills!

I bought a bottle of the medicine, put it on the dining room table and told Wini and Bob that Dr. Botta said Bob should take them with every meal. She agreed (knock me over) and I was able to get Bob to take them with his lunch. I wonder if she remembered to have him take them with supper. Oh well...I have done what I can.

Wini is now sharing Bob's financial info with me, now that she knows that I have legal authority. Thank goodness for Bill St Onge, and Bob, who made these legal arrangements back in 2009. She will now listen to me when I ask her to hang onto his bills and bank statements/investment records when they come in the mail and show them to me when I come up. Bob is relieved that he doesn't have to handle his finances any more. Bob always suffered and hated doing the bills, banking, etc. Now he has handed it over to me...and oh, I have always hated that stuff too!

We talked again about Westview and getting his name on the list, which he agrees is a good idea. I also asked him to think about what he would want in his memorial service when he dies, what music, etc. He will think about it and we will talk again. I feel that I have to speed up these things as his memory is really failing. He couldn't tell me his favorite aria....maybe he will remember. Wini also talked to me about getting him a big grave stone...he would be buried with my Mom and she only has a flat stone. It keeps getting overgrown and it is difficult to find. Wini thinks that Bob's stone should be in keeping with what the rest of the people "in the neighborhood" (at the cemetery) have for headstones.

I don't know, but I think the reason we got a flat stone for my mother is because that's all they would let us get in that area...I have to check that out. If they let us get a bigger headstone, we will get one for both of them.

See, this is the stuff that has me in it's grip now. I have to deal with this stuff and my own stuff too. I need a therapist!

Okay...have to sign off and watch the Sox game. I'm worried about Gerry Remy...what is wrong with him, where is he? Is the cancer back? I don't know what's going on and it's driving me nuts! Anyone know?

Later!'s a video of Todd running Rocky, on the day Rocky was stressed out. He settled down after this run. Look in the background and see the RV.....


Frenchie said...

Lots of stuff going on with you...Peter is worried about having the tank emptied on the boat. I'll tell him it isn't bad as it can't be all that different a process than yours.
I go to a therapist weekly and have done so for many years. It's a very positive part of my life.
The RV looks great! I can't wait to start buying things for the boat. I bought a life jacket for Tia Maria. I don't think there is anywhere she could fall overboard, but a safety precaution is always good.
I get your feelings with your dad. I had my mother in FL recently and she had some periods of dementia and it was heart breaking.
I'm glad I had the opportunity to read your blog today! Thanks...Pris

Frenchie said...

Ann, So you'll know, I call myself 'Frenchie' for my blog name...Priscilla Millette Holbrook!!!