Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Murphy killed a mouse last night. I heard him crying but I was watching Mad Men and didn't pay attention to what was going on. Thankfully!

I saw the dead thing by my chair when I got up to shut down the house for the night. Yuck!

We have no idea how they are getting in here. We were hopeful that the path had been discovered and closed off when Sandy and Jean pulled all of the ivy out of the siding on the garage....it had grown crazy in there! We figured maybe that's where the mice were coming in...the ivy had bored right through the wall and was growing in the garage. I guess we were wrong.

Of course I don't blame the mice for wanting to get in. The house is a very nice abode after all...and when it gets cold out there, it's understandable that they would seek warmer conditions. Maybe I can organize a bus trip for them to Florida.

In the meantime, we can expect to have to rely on Murph and Bubbles, the mice killers, to take care of matters for us. I'll try not to step on any carcasses when I make my way upstairs at night.

Today is our 26th anniversary and I'm spending the day on the throne. I have been spending most of my nights on the throne for the past year and a half, but today I get to sit there during the day as well. It's colonoscopy prep day and it's a moving experience.

I'm hoping that the doctor's theory of "bacterial overload" is correct and I get rid of my poop problems for once and for all by doing this colon cleanse that you have to do before a colonoscopy. It would be wonderful to be able to sleep a few hours in a row at night. I don't think that's asking too much. And I would be very appreciative.

Took Maria home yesterday. We ate a huge potato pancake, stuffed with ham, cheese and onions and topped with a fried egg--well...we split that dish and neither one of us finished our portion. This was at the Cafe Polonia...I love that place.

What beautiful weather we have been having. It continues....it rained last night--good, we need rain--and then the sun is out and all bright and shiny today. The dogs love it....they stay out in the yard for hours, especially Rocky.

Bubble and Rocky have been playing more since Lily passed away. Rocky used to play with Lily and attempt to play with Bub, but she would freak out after a minute or so and he would stop. The other night they played "dodge and feint" for about five minutes on my lap in the recliner. Sandy and I watched and were very happy for both of them.

Today I spotted them playing a bit on the deck. I really hope Bub gives Rocky a chance...I think it would be so good for her and for him.

Rocky is doing better and better on the weave poles out in the back yard. Sandy worked with him a bit on Sunday out there and is very pleased with how he's doing. He may be our best agility dog yet.

Ugh...this chicken broth reminds me of when I had to be on the special diet for my gastric bypass...to prove to them I could stick to a diet...I could only eat chicken/beef broth for a week.....I got so sick of that stuff I haven't had it since. And now that's all I can have today.....bad memories coming back....

Oh well, tomorrow I get the good drugs and then it's all over. And maybe....maybe....the doctor will have an answer for all my nightly excursions to the toilet...now THAT makes all this worth the aggravation!


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