Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday was a quiet day, Carol came over for breakfast, I made cheesy grits and eggs and we ate out on the deck. Weather was perfect. In the afternoon Barry and Janet came over and we watched the Patriots lose to the Jets...dammit!

Monday Sandy and Jean worked on the garden...ripping it out and the pool--taking it apart. I ripped out my potted plants on the deck, the tomatoes and peppers, etc. It looks a lot neater out there, but it doesn't smell as good--the basil really made it smell nice.

Monday night we went to the Big E, with Jess and Janet. We had a great time. Sandy got a leather cowboy hat to wear at agility trials when it's raining.

I got a beautiful pashmina shawl, now I have to figure out all the different ways to wear it. I also found my guy who sells the raw shea butter and I got a big container of it from him.

Sandy bought an order of deep fried oreos and I took a couple of bites. It was tasty but too sweet for me. Janet had me try deep fried cheese curd which was delicious...salty, but delicious. I could only have one little piece though.

Tuesday the weather was great again. Jean came up again and helped Sandy in the yard, trimming bushes etc. I worked inside. Then it was time for me to go to the allergist...but first I was praying that I would take a I could finally get my stool specimens down to the lab. Just when I thought it wouldn't happen....VOILA!

I've never done a stool specimen before and I had to prepare THREE of them. Two of them had directions...the third one...just an empty bottle, no directions. So I just dumped poop in it and hoped for the best.

I ran those over to Quest and then hurried down to E. Lyme to Dr. Ber's...the allergist. Well...knock me over! He tells me that he doubts that I have allergies, he thinks that what I have is non-allergic rhinitis. And he questions if I have asthma. So, I come home with two nasal sprays and two inhalers to use for a month and then I go back.

I told him that in the past I've been told that I am severely allergic to dust mites, cats, oak trees, maple trees, grasses and I don't remember what else. I've taken allergy meds every day for years! He said maybe I was allergic then, but my blood test shows that I'm not allergic now.

He checked my nose, ears and lungs. My nose and ears were filled usual... and my lungs were usual.

I'm hoping he's right about the allergies and that the nose sprays help. I hope he's wrong about the asthma...but my breathing test showed it's likely, or I have vocal cord dysfunction...which is also possible...I do clear my throat in a very annoying, constant way and I do get hoarse easily....although that's also symptoms of reflux...which I also may have.

Today Sandy took Bubbles out in the kayak to see how she would do. She did great. She didn't fall off and she didn't jump into the water. Maybe if she was out there with the other two, she would go in the water like them. We'll have to try that next.

Lynne came by today, in between jobs. Haven't seen her in so long. It was so good to spend time with her. We got lunch from Panera Bread....Taylor came up from school and the four of us ate on the deck. It was so nice out there.

I was supposed to go for a hike with Pam and I was going to take Lily with me, but last night I spent in the about 18 times. I got little sleep....there was no way I could have made it on a hike. Dammit!

Wini called this AM and we made plans for Bob's 90th birthday. She and I are going to take him to Miller Park for a picnic. It's too much for him to be around big crowds now.

He went to the geriatric doctor today and took THE test...the one that determines if he can still drive or not. He does well on the test generally, but he's losing more and more of his memory every day. He sees it and Wini sees it (and accepts it). Wini told me that she wants him to stay as long "as you will let me keep him."

We are so lucky to have her taking care of him. She really loves him and he loves her. He loves living in that environment. He loves the yard, the trees, the moon. Wini said he knows more about the outside than he does about the inside.

So, he hits a milestone and it's going to be a bittersweet birthday, for all of us. It bothers me that he gets upset about his memory. I try to reassure him that it's okay, but how the hell would I feel if it was happening to me?

So, I'm happy and relieved to also know that he is happy with Wini. It means so much.

Tomorrow I'll call Wini and see if she can give me the news...if Bob isn't around to hear the conversation.

Also tomorrow we're taking Sandy's car to get a big tune-up and we have a noon tee time at Chanticleer. We are going GOLFING! YAY!!!

Nighty night!

Oh, and stick a fork in the Sox...they're heard it here first folks! :)

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