Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dopey me...

I had written a blog entry and never posted it. Pam emailed me to chastise me for not updating and I realized that it was saved in "draft." So it was posted a little out of date, but it was posted!

Been busy cleaning house, which has worn me out. I'm hoping it's the hay fever that is making me tired, or the fact that I'm still spending most of my night getting up and going to the bathroom and not that the gremlins are coming back.

Janet, Jess, Jeremy and Barry came over last night. Frannie Johnson joined us too. We got take and salads and then retired to the living room, where I showed some Sweden pictures. I still haven't finished editing the slide show, so they were subjected to the multiple shots of several scenes, ones I hadn't deleted from the camera before getting the files downloaded. I must say, I do have some good shots in there.

I have been doing the non-dairy diet for awhile now and it seems to be doing something...or maybe it's a coincidence. Actually, lately I have been having reflux...which is making me think that maybe that is what has been causing the problems all along.

I used to have to take medication daily for reflux when I was morbidly obese. Since my gastric bypass, I haven't had to take it that often, just situationally.

I have never had the "classic symptoms" of reflux. Like heartburn...I had heartburn for the first time in my life the other night, in the middle of the night, and I thought I was having a heart attack at first. I took a pepcid and it cleared right up.

When I had reflux I used to choke a lot when I ate. Sandy always said it was because I breathed through my mouth (old habit from years of not being able to breathe through my nose) when I ate...or from talking when I was eating. She was wrong...(first time) was from reflux. That was my only symptom.

Now I'm having gastric disturbance, nausea and heartburn. And I'm wondering if the diarrhea is associated with reflux. Guess I'll be taking pepcid daily for awhile.

I get to see Dr. Ber on Tuesday. He's the allergist who we like so much. When I called, the receptionist, (a wonderful person) found out that I had ovarian cancer and told me her mother-in-law had it and is very involved in the National Ovarian Cancer organization. She is going to get me information about the group.

I went on their web site, but I don't think I'll be going back for awhile. Too much info about mortality rates/survival rates...and it's not positive news. I need to keep positive. Can't afford to spend much time reading that stuff.

I've been reading more lately, thanks to the Kindle. Am reading a book about the Marines fighting in the Pacific during WWII...chilling stuff. I have another war book downloaded, about the war in Afghanistan.

I also downloaded Stephen Hawkings latest book on the Universe. I've been reading a bit about this book and am intrigued.

Sandy is off this week and will be getting things done in the yard. I will be doing stuff in the house and yard, getting ready for winter. Probably will clean out the pond a bit, trim bushes and get plants protected.

The chimney guy's wife is sick and he isn't able to get to us for awhile. I was hoping we'd have the gas fireplace all installed this winter, maybe it won't happen. We'll see.

Well...I'm watching UConn football while I'm typing this. It's almost halftime and I should get up, change clothes and get some work done before the second half starts up.


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