Thursday, November 26, 2009


Steve came this morning and we went up to the Putnam Killingly game. We ran into Romeo and spent time jawing with him. Then at half time we ran into a bunch of guys I knew from high school. I didn't recognize a lot of them at first, but they all introduced themselves and we exchanged hugs. It wads great chatting with them and we talked again about having a combined class reunion the class of '66 and the class of '67....people in those classes hung out a lot together and it makes sense for us to join together.

Then we went down to Waterford to Jean's for dinner. Turkey, stuffing, creamed onions, squash, mashed taters, peas, etc....good eats! I avoided the turnip although I was sorely tempted. I have enough problems with my bowels right now, I don't need to push it! Dessert was delicious too. Taylor and Ryan were there, although Taylor came late as she had an ambulance call to go on.

Taylor is doing so good. She has a new boyfriend who we met later and he is special. Ryan likes him too, very much. She is taking EMT classes and is doing great in school. We are so proud of her. It's so good to see her happy. And, she's driving now and Sandy says she is a great driver, very careful and attentive to the road.

I still haven't heard anything about a surgery date, so I'm guessing it won't be until the 7th. I am going to call nurse Wendy tomorrow though as I have some new symptoms (bloating) and an increase in other symptoms--abdominal pain, bowel difficulties, etc. Sandy thinks they should operate faster, before I end up with the fluid in the lungs again. We'll see what Wendy says.

Tomorrow Deanna and Lorraine may come over. I hope so...haven't seen them in awhile. Pat called tonight and invited us up to their house for dinner tomorrow night. Sandy has to work but I can go. My throat suddenly got quite sore tonight, so we'll see how it is tomorrow. I'm hoping I can go over there.

Saturday I go up to see Maria. We're going to hit the Lithuanian Kitchen. She's been telling me about it for quite some time and I want to go based on her testimony.

Sandy doesn't have least it didn't titer this time. We're thinking maybe she had a flu and we're hoping I don't get it.


Nighty night!

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Audge said...

No turnips! What does it do to you? Maybe I don't want to know! glad you had a great Thanksgiving, thanks for putting up with my dad! Love you!