Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tennessee TITANS!

We arrived in Tennessee yesterday and Truman ran today in two rounds of of his favorites. He got two qualifying ribbons, so he and Sandy have already fulfilled their goal for coming down here.

We traveled three days to get here. The first day we stayed in a nice Best Western in PA...Harrisburg. We passed through the Delaware Water Gap, where we have not been in years. Day Two we traveled down through W. VA to Dublin VA....near Cindy Vasko's house. We called Annette along the way, after we passed through her old town of Berkley Springs W. Va. We reminisced with her for a bit...good times and bad.

Cindy came over to our hotel and we had a wonderful visit. On our way home, we'll be staying in the same place and she's going to come to visit again. I think we have convinced her to come north for a vacation sometime soon. I really hope she does.

Day Three on the road, heading to Tennessee, Rocky started barking. We laughed and then had to tune him out as he kept it up for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. That is his one vice...the barking. We made ourselves go to our "happy place" to blank him out. The poor guy, he isn't used to traveling and it was making him anxious and nuts!

Fortunately, the medication we got for Bub and Rocky worked and there was no vomitting on the trip. We hope this continues on the way home....we did bring extra pillows for them and extra covers for the pillows--we have pillows in their kennels--that's what they lie on.

Tomorrow Truman runs two rounds each of tunnelers and touch and go.....two of his absolute favorite events. I think he is being very "business-like" down here. He knows what his job is and he is bent on doing it. He made excellent time today, despite the fact that the course is on sand that hadn't been packed down yet.

The runs are in a huge indoor arena where they display Tennessee Walking Horses. We rented a horse stall to house the dogs/kennels and all of our stuff. It is pretty cool in there, we have their fans going--there is electricity in the stall. I brought my laptop to the stall because they have wi-fi at this site, but it doesn't reach the stalls. That's okay, I read my Kathy Griffin book....almost finished it this afternoon.

Now I am pooped. Had Mexican food tonight, from a restaurant down the street, to-go. I need to take a shower and hit the bed. The dogs are exhausted....all the new noises, people and dogs going by the stall has tired them out.

I have confidence that Truman and Sandy will do well tomorrow. I'm filming their runs and stay to see other dogs run. There are several folks we know from trials in New England and we even have a Team New England t-shirt that they made up for us. I'm listed as "kennel help." Another title to add to my name!

Okay, enough of this.....Nighty NIGHT!

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