Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday before the trip's been a week since I last Carol so nicely pointed out. It's been a busy week--had my chemo last Friday, went to the "mussell party" on Saturday and came home with two pans of mussells-one for me and one for Lynne (who couldn't make it). That reminds me, I still owe Joanne $5! Wooops!

Well, I'll have to get the $$ to her tomorrow as we leave Sunday AM for Tennessee. We will be staying in Pennsylvania Sunday night and then driving to Dublin VA on Monday...where we will get to visit with Cindy who we haven't seen in over 10 years. It doesn't seem possible. Thanks to the internet we have kept in touch pretty regularly.

On Tuesday we head to Tennessee...where the NADAC national champsionships will be. We will be heading back home next Saturday....reversing our route and stopping again near Cindy for another visit---hopefully.

Some things about the dogs. Rocky and Truman have been going to "Wizard of Paws" which is a place where they do physical therapy on dogs. Rocky has been going to work on his left leg and right pelvis...which were hurt when he got hit by the car. He has been making great progress....and today I went to see him workout on the treadmill in the water! He was great!

Sandy works out with them on a ball in the cellar. This helps their balance and to develop their core I do when I work out on the ball. It's great for inner core and for flexibility. She does exercises with each of the Russells...with Bubbles being the star!

Truman is getting therapy for a back and shoulder problem. He is doing really well and is cleared to compete at the agility trial. Which is good, because he loves to compete.

Sandy has been working out with all the dogs in the backyard---doing tunnels courses. Truman is going to run in the tunnels event, so it's good practice for him and good exercise for Bub and Lil. Rocky learned how to do tunnels too....and seems to love it. When he's all fixed (as much as he can be) he will start to take agility classes.

Sandy bought these ceramic magnet jackets for the two boys....for Truman's back and for Rocky's leg and pelvis. They look cute in these jackets...they hang way down all around give the area maximum exposure to the effect of the magnets.

I ordered a magnetic shirt for myself. I don't usually subscribe to "new age" medicine...but years ago my nurse practitioner convinced me to try these magnets on my knees. I got the ceramic magnet sleeves for my knees and damned if they didn't help! They heat up the area just the right amount to promote healing. I had a wrap for my foot too and it helped my heel spurs. So I can see how it might help the dogs. And a shirt could help my neck and my back.

We also got some new medication for Bub and keep them from vomitting when they ride in the car. The poor dears, they take turns puking and sometimes they puke at the same time. Then it's stop the car, clean out the kennels, fluff up their pillows and hope that it doesn't happen again. We've tried lavender oil, ginger, pepcid and now this medication. When Bub eats the ginger she doesn't throw up. But now she won't eat the ginger anymore. Rocky is more afraid than having trouble with the motion. We tried them at a low dose today and it worked good..even though we were on back roads that were windy and bumpy. We're hoping it works on the long trip..without giving them any negative side effects.

Rocky got out of the fence the other day...Sandy opened the gate and he flew out. Fortunately I was up at the mail box and he just came flying up the driveway to me. Good thing there weren't any dogs or people going by...he would have kept on going. As it was he came right to me, all waggy tailed and happy. I scooped him up and we got the mail. Sandy and I heaved a big sigh of relief! He did look cute running towards me...his bad leg kicks out to the side making him look all galoopy when he runs. Despite this impediment he runs faster than any dog we've ever had! Can't imagine how fast he'll be when he's at full strength.

Now I have a little snugglebug up on my shoulder like a baby....Bubbles. She comes up here when something makes her hinky. And it seems every night something makes her hinky! I'm sorry that she's nervous, but I do enjoy having her snuggle with me.

I've been playing Big Brain Academy and I'm doing much better. It really helps to stimulate your brain...feels good.

I'm reading Kathy Griffin's book and it is SO GOOD! I got a few paperbacks to take with me to Tennessee...I figure I'll have time to read them in the hotel and when we're waiting for Truman's turn to run. I haven't been reading too much lately and it feels good to be getting back into the reading mode. Sandy reads every's her favorite thing to do, sip her tea, read and have her dogs on her lap.

Well...I have to work on my list of things to bring on the trip. I'm really looking forward to this--we haven't been on a road trip like this since the last time we went to Nova Scotia and that was over ten years ago! Well....I guess Italy was a road trip too...we did drive while we were there. But that was in 2004 so it has been awhile. And it has been over ten years since it was just us in the car going for days.....good thing I'm on the new antidepressant and they upped my dose---it's helping me to be all mellow and enjoying things....instead of worrying and bitching about things!

So, I'll say nighty night. I will be bringing the laptop when we I can do updates on the road.

Nighty night and GO SOX!


Marieps said...

Ruh roh. Hope Jane doesn't read your anti-depressant comment. She'll be all over that and telling me to go on something. I enjoy bitching about stuff! That's who I am!

Marieps said...

Oh yeah-and have fun on your road trip. Hope you and the doggies stay well so you can enjoy the experience. Go Truman!

Jim Donovan and Carol said...

Didn't mean to bug you about the blog, it makes me feel guilty when folks say the same to me. We just enjoy reading it so much and we actually don't have much of a life here in TN. Jim goes to treatment, sleeps and pukes most days. So you are like a breath of fresh air to us. Enjoy your trip and honk when you pass the White Pine area of TN! We look forward to any news you post.

priseverlasting said...

enjoy the vacation; the area you'll be going through is safe.