Sunday, November 2, 2008

Well, I feel SO MUCH BETTER than I did this time last week. I took my last zithromax dose today and something tells me (and Sandy) that I need another round. Not for the sinus stuff, but there's something else going on.

I'm calling the MD tomorrow to get in there, let them know what's going on and to have a lyme test ordered. Call it a hunch.

Watching the Pats get schooled in the opening sequence by the Colts. How the times have changed, and doesn't it suck? I'm hoping the Pats can put it together. They are missing so many guys though.

We had a lot of kids come for Halloween, great costumes, great parents, except for the asshole who threw his ciggy butt in my garden pond.

We fared better than Mark and Carol, who had someone ring their bell insistently at 1:30 am...Carol was asleep in the chair with the tv on (which these idiots must have seen)...she jumped up, put on the light in the house and the outside light, then threw open the door. No one there...scared the crap out of her. In the am they found that someone had thrown an egg at the front window...the screen is wrecked. They found a bag of crushed eggs by the mailbox...probably dropped by the one who rang the bell, in their haste to get out of there.

A couple of other houses were egged. This is the second time Mark and Carol's got it. Next year we'll lie in wait for these idiots. I already have my observation post scoped out. It will be fun.

Sandy used her new leaf blower to blow big paths out back. She's going to blow leaves out from under the trees now and haul them to the compost out back. She likes the blower and how strong it is. She ran over the bulk of leaves with the lawnmower, doing the last mowing of the year....the vaccum picked up most of the leaves.

She hauled in all of the hoses except the one by the grill. That's in a protected spot and can stay out for awhile. We're well into our winterization goals here. I covered up the a/c units. Next up, put the umbrella away and put the cover on the patio table. I don't want to do that yet though...I still sit out there from time to time. I ate five meals out there last week...of course this week is going to be a bit cooler.

Okay, I have to concentrate on this game now.

Oh, I heard on the radio today that Fox is ending "King of the Hill." I know they haven't had too many new episodes lately, but I'm really going to miss Bobby. Oh well, they'll have it on reruns from here to eternity.

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Kathy said...

Hi Ann! Finally I got on here! Maybe I am getting into the 21st century! I'm thinking about you and Sandy a lot and hope you can get home with all the furry healers very soon. Kathy B, Darwin, Mugsy and Wren. Tom sends his best wishes, too