Friday, December 21, 2012

Catching up

Well, it's been an interesting three weeks or so.  I'll do a brief recap:

After my chemo debacle (when I had the allergic reaction) I saw Dr. McCourt three days later.  She took one look at me and asked me if I should be admitted to the hospital...I said "yes, please."  I had packed a bag just in case.

I was admitted to the hospital for dehydration, blocked small bowel and just being SICK!   They admitted me and hooked me up to fluids which helped me feel good...they also gave me morphine which made me feel really good and knocked me out.

My first hurdle was when they put a NG tube down into my stomach.  Not the most pleasant procedure to undergo as anyone who has had this can attest.   I agreed to it because they thought it would decompress my abdomen which was blown way up, filled with gas.  I had that damned tube in me for almost a week, with little results.

They had to start me on artificial nutrition (TPN) which they run into me through my chest port.  That helped perk me up, but....

The abdomen stayed distended throughout my hospital stay, nothing made it diminish.  I had to start taking morphine again for pain in my abdomen and pain in my left lower back...which we finally figured out was happening because the TPN fluids were pooling in that area, under the skin.  We didn't figure that out until I got home from the hospital.

I had one chemo treatment with Taxel while I was in the hospital...was scheduled for another one the following week, but my liver enzymes were too high to allow it.  Very discouraging.

In the meantime, they took me to RI Hospital where they installed a G/J tube which was for drainage only.  I have a tube that runs out of my left side and it's hooked to two bags...on to the Gastric tube, which drains fluids from my stomach and one to the J tube which drains stuff from my Jejunum.  Actually last night we disconnected the J tube as it wasn't draining much any more.  The whole thing is stinky, messy, sore and I can't wait to get rid of all of it.  That will happen as I eat more and things don't get blocked.

After two weeks in the hospital where I did nothing much but sleep and hope for the best, I got home and then things started happening.  I came home on Thursday, by Saturday morning my abdomen was decompressed.

The pain from the TPN excess fluid became too much on Monday and Sandy and I made the command decision to not give me the TPN every give my body a chance to absorb the fluids.  This system is working well.  I get the TPN every other night...the pain stays manageable for the most part and I get my nutritional needs met.

I'm eating more and clamping the G tube shut while I do, so the food doesn't just run through the spends some time in my digestive system.  So far, it's mostly liquid and semi liquid stuff like juices and puddings, yogurt etc...but the other day Sandy made me watery grits and scrambled eggs and it was delicious!  

I went for chemo Thursday and now I have Sandra as my nurse.  She and I shook on it and she did lots of things to assure me that she is no "June" the way, I filed a formal complaint against June when I was in the hospital.   A Social Worker came to see me, asked about the "incident" and asked if I wanted to file a formal complaint and I said. "yes, yes I do."  We'll see what comes of that.

Anyway, Sandra is excellent and she and Sandy bonded.  That's good.  The dietician came to consult with us and was a big help.  I got the chemo....lots of positives happened Thursday.

Today I just feel low-grade yucky, probably from the chemo.  I'll feel that way for a couple of days and then it will be time for another treatment next Thursday.

I may not have made much sense in this post, please excuse brain is mush due to the morphine.  I got a prescription for something else today, so I can stop taking makes me too loopy.  My goal is to be off pain meds by Christmas...I'm surprised I'm still taking them really, I'm usually off all pain stuff a day or so after I get out of the hospital.  Slower this time....

I'm getting there...we have a plan that we are following to get rid of the tubes and one of them is already shut down.  Then the G Tube and then get rid of the TPN.  We have a plan...

Feel bad that I haven't done any shopping for Christmas, Sandy had to send out all the cards again this year and I can't really get into the holiday spirit.  I'm not going to let it bother me too much though.

Going to see Maria and Phil this Sunday...that will be great. Steve calls me to check in...wonderful (when I hear the phone ringing that is) and I may go to Jean's sometime over the holiday (we'll see).

I'll be doing my holiday celebrations later....soon, I'm sure.


AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL...whichever holiday you celebrate!