Thursday, August 2, 2012

Half way there....

The bathroom is half done.  The shower is tiled, the floor is tiled.  The electrician is coming Saturday to install the new vanity light and prepare the area for the installation of the wiring and thermostat for the floor heat.  The shower door guy came today to measure for the glass.

The shower door will be ready in "two weeks."   I wanted to scream!  Two weeks is the answer for everything! 

I can't complain...Jim has been great, he's coming back on Monday to start prepping the walls for paint and to install the trim.  Still have to finish the plumbing in the shower, install the toilet and install the vanity top and faucets.

I'm glad I didn't put the sealer on the vanity...just as I suspected, some damage was done during the work on the bathroom.  I'll wait until the old top is removed and the new one installed before I do the touch-up and the sealing. 

I was kidding when the work started in the second week of July that I wanted it done "by the end of August" that doesn't look like a joke anymore! 

Today I ran out of steam....I had NO ENERGY....the shower door guy was coming over in a few minutes and I felt absolutely drained!  It took all my will to get up from the chair, get the dogs in their kennels and greet Kirk at the door.  I have no idea how I got him upstairs and then back out the door again.  I guess the 5 hour energy drink I had knocked back just before he arrived must have kicked in.  It was truly scary. 

Sandy thinks I am deficient in manganese or magnesium or has happened several times before when I was getting chemo and they would have to give it to me via IV.  She is searching for a topical version of it for me as she thinks it will make me sick if I take it orally.  What would I do without her?

When I saw my therapist yesterday I told her, "I'm a woman of above-average intelligence (verified by testing...don't take my word for it), who is has great support...from people with medical backgrounds, I have fantastic insurance and I struggle to get a proper diagnosis, proper and adequate treatment and I have to do a lot of work on my own to insure that my doctor's are properly informed regarding actions that other doctors are taking with me, etc.  HOW THE FUCK do people with less resources do it?  I know the answer, they don't....and they suffer and die.   It's unbelievable in this day and age that this goes on....but it does, every friggin' day.

Enough of that....tomorrow we are hopefully, off to the beach for the first time this year!   Carol is coming with and we plan to boogy board...I already have them out and stacked up in the garage, ready to load into the car.  I can't wait!   I hope I have the energy to do it.

Saturday we are going to Hebron Fairgrounds for another Jack Russell Fun Day...the dogs will get to do their favorite activities and then Sandy and I will hit Harry's on the way home.  We went the other night after the dogs PT appointments and they were CLOSED!  I was crushed!   Charmine said they closed for a staff they should be open on Saturday. 

Be careful out there...the air is bad.  Pace yourselves!


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