Friday, July 6, 2012

Lots of energy seems that the more the chemo gets out of my system, the better I feel.  I swear that the chemo is what makes me feel sicker than the cancer does!  That's probably half-true.  All I know is that I have been able to get a lot of things done lately.  The one thing that gets to me fast is the heat...I wilt under the sun. 

I have been able to take the dogs for walks around the neighborhood, mow the lawn, do laundry, vacuum, cook and clean...all in the same day!   Being in air conditioning in the house helps a lot. 

We have had a good, productive week.  Rocky went for his second session at Denise and Bob's cottage and he did great!  He even jumped off the end of the dock!  He absolutely loves this we have to figure out how to get him to jump for distance.  Distance is key in dock diving competition...they don't care if you hesitate at the end of the dock, it's how far you jump that is important. 

We went to Janet's for the Fourth...nice picnic and it was great to see Janet, Jeremy and Jessica and the pooches.  I should have brought my bathing was SO HOT!   I finally moved into the house to get cooled off, but it was too late.  I was too far gone.  Sandy brought me home and I laid down for awhile and then perked back up.

No fireworks next door this year.  I don't think they will do that again...not after the talk Carol had with them last year, sealed by my chat with them.  It was pretty cheeky of them all these years to think that we loved their fireworks upsetting our dogs and we liked having the debris all over our back yard.  They used to shoot off BIG fireworks.   No more, for which we are grateful.  However, the people up the hill right across the road through the woods had to make up for the loss of the old fireworks by putting on their own show.  People can be such assholes!

The good thing...Bubbles really calms down with the thundershirt that we got for her.  We put it on when the storms are starting and before the fireworks and she was excellent throughout the ordeals....she laid on Sandy's lap and didn't run off, drooling or any of the other stuff.  Of course, it helps that she is going a little deaf.  My poor baby is going deaf! 

Wow, is 8:45 and I have already gotten so much done!  I've done a load of wash, fed the dogs, cat, birds and fish.  I've loaded stuff into the RV for this weekend's trip.  I have cooked up potatoes, to fry with the fish for tomorrow night and for potato salad for lunch tomorrow.  I cleaned the fridge and did general cleaning upstairs and down.  Next I have to put away laundry, make the bed and finish packing. 

Oh...I have to get clothes out of the closet before Monday.  The work starts in the bathroom Monday and once it does, it may be hard for us to get into the closet. 

I still have to get a light fixture for over the vanity.  I'll do that next week, when the guys are will be nice to get away from the hubbub in the house.  I lucked out, Sandy has to work third shift three days next week--for the opening of the new Backus "ER" in Plainfield.  So, she will be sleeping in the RV during the day and will take the dogs in there with her...freeing me up to be able to be footloose and fancy free!  

I may even sneak away to the beach one never know.

I am looking forward to going to the beach someday soon with Sue.  She had her big day yesterday and Bill called last night to let me know things went way better than the surgeon thought it would.  I was so happy, I shrieked!   Later in the night as I was sitting up in bed in the dark, I started crying, thinking about all she has been through and how much better she is going to feel now.  Well...not right now...but down the road she is going to feel so much better.  Can't wait for her to come home so I can go bug her!

Oh, I have to note this...I am totally hooked on "Breaking Bad."   I can't believe I haven't watched the show before this.   I am recording all the previous seasons on the dvr and watch an episode or two to take a break from my chores.  I can't decide if it's a comedy or drama...or both...I just love it.

And the other thing I'm hooked on is the theme song Kathy Griffin recorded for her show....Sandy and I sing it spontaneously.  I downloaded it onto my iPhone, so now I have it for's "in the Cloud."   I love her and am thinking about going to see her again when she comes to Foxwood in November.  This would be the third time I see her and you know what they say about the third time...

We are off to Dummerston, VT today...coming home Sunday.  Murph and the neighbors are in charge while we are away.  


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