Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorry I haven't updated this blog...I guess I'm running out of steam, at least as far as this site.

Things have calmed down considerably since my last post. Truman got his stitches out yesterday and Dr. Gamble is very pleased and surprised at how well he has healed. Rocky continues to get his eye drops daily, but his eyes are looking really good. No permanent damage.

We have ascertained that they were attacked (or they attacked) a fisher cat. Sandy took a picture of the track and Deb Saunders husband, who is a big tracker, looked at the photo. He said that it was a male fisher. WOW! Just what we suspected, but when you hear it confirmed...well, it makes your blood run cold.

A fisher attack is something we have feared for many years, ever since that woman told me about spotting one running across Lawler Lane, near our old house. We knew that we had one in the woods behind this house too and we've always been on the look-out. Now, our dogs get into it with the fisher and I'm right there and hear and see NOTHING! WOW!

I am the one with residual problems from the "incident"...still can't feel my ring finger, have tendonitis in my knee and elbow from the fall, my bursitis acted up due to my shoulder being jammed in the fall and now I'm housebound with diarrhea due to the antibiotic that I had to take for the cut in my hand from Truman snapping at me.

I want and need to get back in the gym, and now I can't because I'm afraid I'll aggravate the tendonitis more. Damn...I am piling the weight on and it needs to come off!

Right now I have Truman and Rocky all snuggled up to me on the recliner. Truman actually put his head on Rocky the other night and slept that way, on Sandy's lap. He hasn't done that in years when he was a puppy and would snuggle up to Lily. I think he appreciates the help Rocky gave him in the fight with the fisher. We figure that Rocky probably saved Truman's live, by jumping into the fight. I'm sure Bubby did her bit too...probably circling around behind the fisher, nipping from the rear. That's how they fight, two at the front and one in the back.

Saturday I went out to Providence College to cover the UConn vs PC game for sportspagemagazine.com My first assignment in over a year. It was fun being back there, got to see Geno, Maya and Stephanie up close and personal in the media room. UConn pasted the Friars, of course. I managed to write an article that was just the right amount of words, for the first time ever! It was the headline story on the website the next day. WOO HOO!

Sunday, Roxie, Ryan, Andrew and I headed up to Boston for the Celtics game. We were smart and ate lunch at the roadside rest area heading into Boston, much cheaper than eating at the game. We had some trouble finding a parking area that had openings...but we finally did, hiked two blocks to the TD Center and got in just before tip-off. We were still hiking the concourse to our section when we heard them honoring Ray Allen at center court....I dragged them into the nearest section and we stood there and cheered for Ray. AWESOME!

The game was great....the Celts were behind at the half, but you knew they would come back in the third quarter...which they did. Then they blew their 14 point lead in the fourth and just won it in the last few seconds of the game. So exciting...we were so thrilled to see this game.

Yesterday I got up and out to the studio only to find that both of the shows that I was supposed to be working for were canceled and they didn't let me know. So, I made the very best of that situation by going over to Lazizah for lunch...and hit the jackpot....chicken pot pie soup!

I texted Sandy to let her know that I would be able to go with her and the dogs to the vet clinic...we would be able to be together for Valentine's Day after all!

When I got home, though, the diarrhea hit again and I couldn't get out of the bathroom to save me. I had to beg off the trip with Sandy and remained ensconced on the throne for most of the time she was gone. I watched the Husky game, shut off the tv and was in bed at 9:30....reading my biography of Bobby Fischer for awhile and then falling asleep mid paragraph.

Sandy had reminded me to drink my G2 and that helped a lot. I'm keeping the diet very bland and that and the G2 are working, I think. I'm going to lay low for a few days, snuggle with the still recuperating puppies and get in shape for my trip to see Bob Miller on Friday. We are going to go through some of his boxes and sort things out....and visit.

I'm going to see if he has a working boom box so he can listen to opera. Hmmmm...maybe I'll get him a little MP3 player and load it up with opera...he can put the head phones on and not disturb Wini...and maybe he can hear it. I'll bring my iPod and headphones and see if he can hear that. YAY...I just got a good idea!

Okay, now I have to play CityVille, read my email and then get back to Bobby Fischer, a genius and genuine psycho.


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