Friday, October 1, 2010

Well...I read an article today that described the latest Ovarian Cancer research. The new study revealed that women who started taking chemo again as soon as their CA125 went over the limit fared no better than women who waited until they had symptoms to show that they had relapsed.

This gives me an answer. If the cancer comes back within the next year, according to the CA 125, I think I will defer treatment until I have symptoms. This may give me time to recuperate from the last wave of chemo. I'm still having troubles with being tired and I know I couldn't take it if I had to undergo chemo again in the beginning of the new year. Or even if it started in the spring. I need more time to come back.

That said, I'm not planning on having a relapse...just keeping this option in the back of my mind...I am a Girl Scout after all, Be Prepared.

I have just about finished my project of cleaning the grout in the kitchen tile floor. I don't think anyone every cleaned that floor the way it should be cleaned, judging from the color of the grout when I started and what it looks like now.

I had looked up on the internet what to use that would be the easiest for me and found out about the magic of Oxi-clean. I did one treatment on half the floor (the worst half) a week or so ago and I finished it up with scrubbing on hands and knees today. It looks great! Now I have done the first treatment on the second half of the floor and will finish that next week, I guess. It won't be as bad as the first half of the floor, I bet I won't have to scrub.

While I was letting the floor soak the stuff up, I took a break and went online to the Apple store and picked out a new MacbookPro....and then, in another break I chose the options I and video programs, etc. Then on my last break, I went ahead and ordered it! YAY!

I am SO SICK of PCs. This laptop that I'm using now is getting stuck again, taking forever to load, I can only hear sound if I plug in headphones (who knows why?!) and I'm just sick sick sick of it.

Now I can't wait until it gets here.

Joycie (Migneault) Kuusela is featured in today's Norwich Bulletin...the story about her breast cancer battle. They have a great picture of her on the website, I hope it's in the paper too. I have Sandy picking up a copy for me and I posted the online story to my Facebook page.

Joyce and I have been friends since high school. We "lost" each other and then a few years back, found out we lived really close to each other. She lives in Lisbon. We have gotten back together again and she and Bill and Sandy and I have enjoyed each other's company.

Joyce and I say: we went thru high school together and now we are going thru cancer together...and we are. And quite successfully too, I might add!

Right now I'm hoping to hear from Mark Russell...another old school chum. Hoping we can get together this weekend, when he comes up for the Marianpolis Bd of Directors meeting. Haven't seen him in ages.

Next week I'm going to see some other old chums...Janine is coming down from New Hampshire and the old office gang, Maureen, Russ, Richard, Tina and I (and who knows who else?) are getting together at Chuck's in Storrs.

It's old chum time! Wonderful! I wonder what other old chums I'll hear from?

Oh, I got an email from Barb at work, checking on dates in Jan and Feb for the phyical exam series for the Yale 2nd year students. I checked off that I was available for every date but one and sent it back to her IMMEDIATELY! I can't wait to get back to work on a regular basis.

I'm paying for endulging in the "luxury" of leaving the deck door open so I wouldn't have to let the Russells in and out a billion times a day. I did that two mornings this week. Well, now the flies are in the house, and Sandy can't understand where they are coming from...shhhhhhh....don't tell her.

I ask the dogs to catch the flies and one would think this was right up their alley...jobwise, but they aren't too interested. Oh, Rocky has mild interest, but it passes quickly. I have dragged the fly swatters out and got one a few minutes ago, but there are more...I know there are.

Off to feed the pups and then take a shower. Jean's house for dinner tonight, with Taylor and Andrew in attendance.


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