Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sitting at the agility trial in Rhode Island at the indoor sports facility. It's awesome here. Nice bathrooms, little snack bar, pizza place across the parking's warm in here....what a nice change from the usual heat, cold, rain, wind, porta potties, etc.

Today Rocky and Truman are running. So far they have done well...but no Qs...we'll see how they do in the last event. Bubbles is along for the ride and is sleeping in her kennel, seemingly immune to the barking going on around her.

Yesterday Joyce and I went to Putnam. We have been planning this for months and little did we realize that the day we picked was also the Pumpkin Festival day in Putnam! They had craft booths set up all around by the train station, the "Bud Cars" were there, bringing people from Worcester and dropping them off in Putnam and a whole bunch of Putnam area folks rode the train to New London, to spend the day there.

It was cool seeing the old train that we used to ride on to Worcester when we went to see Gramma and Grampa Leavstrom. We used to love to take that ride. My grandmother would always tell the conductor that it was my birthday so he would let me ride free. It wasn't really my birthday, but it was close enough (within a week). It was smart of her...and she would make us scrunch down so we would look shorter, so she could say we were "child" riders...and get a cheaper rate.

Anyway, we roamed around town, seeing Bob and Wini along the way. We had lunch in the Congregational Church basement--chili and sandwich and apple crisp...YUM! We ran into Peter Auclair at the church...he told us that the Class of 66 and our class are going to have a joint reunion, planned for July 2nd at Point Breeze. Liz Franklin is organizing it. Thank Goodness for Liz...she told me this idea a few years back and it didn't happen then and we didn't have any reunion at all! We haven't had one since 1997!

So, now we will have a reunion and I can't wait. It will be so much fun. I wrote to Fran and told her about it...I hope she comes up for it. I have to let Mark Russell know also. They technically didn't graduate with us, but c'mon! They were in school with us for so long, they deserve to attend...Donnie Johnston too.

I got some more scarves...I'm addicted to scarves. Got some beautiful ones on sale. I also got a pin made from a pottery shard that I bought from Wini's daughter-in-law....the shard is almost in the shape of the State of CT. it's kind of cool looking.

Saw Romeo...dressed as the Town Crier...what the hell, he has the voice for it! And Kim Mitchell, who was recently reunited with her birth mother...she showed me pictures of her mother and her new siblings. I think that is so neat. She was adopted from Germany and found her mother living in Leominster MA! How strange is that...and yet you keep hearing about such things happening. I'm happy for her...her mother is thrilled and so is Kim.

i was looking for Rachel, but couldn't find her.

We went over to the St. Mary's cemetery. I could hardly find Mummy's tombstone, the grass was so grown over it. That's what happens when you have a flat stone. I finally found it and scratched the dirt and grass away. I have to go back there with a little spade and maybe something to kill the grass around it to keep it at bay for awhile.

We went to Joyce's Dad's stone and her grandparents. We wandered around the cemetery for awhile, amazed at how many of the names there were people we know and several of them were people we went to school with. Some great memories were stirred up in that visit...and in the whole trip to Putnam.

We came home around 2:30....we had arrived around 11:30. That was enough for two chemo kids. We were proud of ourselves, for how much we walked around and how long we stayed on our feet. We also vowed to do it again next Spring and this time maybe we'll invite some of our old classmates to join us.

Putnam had on it's best dress yesterday and I was very proud of my hometown. They pulled off a very classy, nice event. People from all over were roaming the streets with their little maps, looking for bargains and finding them.

It was a great day.

Another busy week of med appointments and meetings coming up. I go see the gastroenterologist on Wednesday, the Allergist on Tuesday. I'm pleased with the results of my non-allergy meds--the two nose sprays he had me use...but the asthma stuff didn't seem to do anything...I guess I don't have asthma!

I'm hoping Dr. Sansone, my butt doctor, can figure out for once and for all what is wrong with me. I'm soooooooo tired of getting up all night long. I know that grinders aggravate it...I think it's the lettuce. So that's one thing I have to avoid...not all lettuce, but iceberg lettuce for sure. I did have trouble with it right after my gastric bypass surgery, so it makes sense that it's affecting me now too...but that's just one thing. It's not the whole answer to my problems.

Dr. Sansone is very bright, she'll figure it out.



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