Thursday, July 29, 2010

One more day....

Tomorrow we fly to our big vacation! I'm just about all set. I packed yesterday and have taken some time thinking about what I packed, so I can unpack and pack lighter.

I have all my supplies ready...I have to tote so much medication, potions and lotions, I almost need a bag just for them!

Sandy is limiting me to lifting only 40 lbs and my big bag already weighs 42! Something's got to give.

Tuesday I had to go to Putnam for Mrs. Saucier's wake. I saw JP and Paula and later, Betsy and Chris came in. I haven't seen them in years. I got everyone's phone number (I lost Paula's and Betsy's when I moved) and I will not lose them again!

I hope they can come down to the house sometime. That would be such fun. I will put together a "slide show" of Swedish pics when I come back....maybe they can come and see them.

Chris said she and Larry read this I give a shout out to them! Hey guys!

I miss that gang...we had so much fun and did so much together, back in the day. I really wish we could all get together more often than at funerals!

After the wake I went up to see Bob and Wini. We had a nice visit,sitting out under the tree...even though a squirrel or some other critter was sitting way up above us, eating seeds out of a pine cone and dropping the leavings on our heads! It was so funny.
When I got home that afternoon I had a few minutes to recoup and then the door bell was Terry Coney, visiting from Arizona. She came up for her grand-daughter's birthday party--which we missed on Sunday, due to Sandy being under the weather and me trying to avoid the heat. It was great seeing Terry and catching up with her, then Carol came over and then Sandy came home....the party was on!

I had to leave after awhile and head to NL for another gathering of old friends. The "ladies' group" was gathering at Cpt Scott's for dinner. We had a great turnout--I think there were 13 of us, including Joanie Dunbar, who's husband just passed away not too long ago.

I didn't like the food. I paid good money for a hot lobster was not toasted well, very little butter on it and the lobster was tough. I ate the lobster meat out of the bun and called it a day for Cpt Scott's.

After dinner we went over to Michael's for ice cream. It was beautiful out...we sat at the picnic tables and chatted, under the full moon...a fantastic moon!

It was a great day.

Yesterday after I finished packing, Dori came over, bearing the gift of a cordless weed whacker. It needs a new battery and Brad wants to get a different they are giving this one to me! I ordered the new battery last night.

Dori stayed and we caught up on life...Dori enjoyed watching Bubbles groom Lily...her daily routine--cleaning Lily's ears, sticking her head in Lil's mouth (Dori really couldn't believe that) to clean her back teeth...licking Lil's eyes--which is where I put my foot down. I don't want her giving Lil an eye infection, I know where Bubbie's mouth has been! Eating poop....

So, tomorrow we head to the airport for a 9:30pm flight. We'll arrive in Copenhagen on Saturday at noon or thereabouts. Birgitta and Mats will pick us up...we head over the Oresund (spelling?) bridge...the world's longest suspension bridge and soon we will be in Sweden!

Oh, and Birgitta says that they sell G2 in Sweden...she's stocking up on it for me. Problem solved.


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