Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Haven!

I have to go to see Dr Valin, well, actually, Deb Valin, on July 14th for my annual follow-up for my gastric bypass. This will be a good appt...I have to talk with her about having the hernia repaired and also seeing if Dr. V will do my colonoscopy...all after I come back from Sweden, of course.

After the appointment, I want to do my usual trip to Ikea and then to either Frank Pepe's for pizza or to Lenny and Joe's for seafood.

I am looking for folks to accompany me on this adventure. Several people have said they have never been to Ikea and want to go...here's your chance.

The bus will leave Griswold a little after 9am to get to New Haven for my 10:30 appt.

Let me know if you are interested in spending the day...and some $$ down there.

I'm able to do a lot more lately...house work, laundry (hung two loads out on the line today---smells so good!) and tomorrow I'm going to mow the lawn again, with Sandy's permission! I do get tired, so I pace myself as my coach told me to do.

My bowels (knock on wood) seem to be getting straightened out...not too many trips to the toilet in the middle of the night the past two nights.

I'm four and a half weeks out now from my last treatment so every day will see things get better and better, or I'll know the reason why! Sandy said to expect that I will have more and more trouble with my allergies. I'll take that problem over cancer any day of the week!

I raised $1425 for the Relay this year. Not my best year, but not bad considering I really didn't have much energy to beg for funds and got a late start to boot.

We have voted to change the name of the team to "Husky Maniacs" instead of UConn Jack's Husky Maniacs"...Jack insisted on his name being removed. Leon wanted to do some foolishness like call the team "Annie's Army" but I pointed out I could become like Jack...stuck with a team named after me and feeling obligated to stick with it. Not that I plan to leave the team or anything. We need to get more people on the team.

The weather is gorgeous, except for yesterday, which was kind of scary. Tomorrow is supposed to be perfect. I plan to get a lot done.

Nighty night.

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Marieps said...

Wish I could go to your appt with you!

Today is a GORGEOUS DAY! This morning was my perfect morning-warm sun and cool breeze. Get lots done! Love you!