Sunday, February 7, 2010

I languished in bed this AM, reading the paper and drinking my protein shake. Sometime after 11 am I heard a sound, "WHOOOMP!" and it felt like something had fallen (a tree?) or some other thing had happened. The dogs immediately went nuts, barking and racing all over the house, looking for the culprit.

Sandy thought it was up stairs, I thought something happened downstairs. She looked around in the yard and saw nothing out of the ordinary. We forgot about it.

Later on we realize that what we heard was from the explosion of the energy plant that blew up today in Middletown. Unbelieveable that we would feel it all the way over here! Sandy asked Jean if they heard it and they said no....but then again, they are old! HA HA!

I think we are more sensitive here because of the amount of ledge that we sit on.

Those poor people at that power plant....five dead so far and more injured. They are searching the rubble now for more bodies.

And I know someone who works there! Drew Schneider (Erin's Dad) is an engineer there. They live in Portland. Thankfully, he wasn't there today.....but he knows these guys.

I haven't felt well all day. I may have a cold or something. Last night I got a headache from the Zofran...the drug I take for nausea. Every time I take it, the headache gets a little worse. Fortunately, I can handle just about any kind of headache...due to years of practice. I'd rather have a headache than be the least bit nauseous!

Anyway, I couldn't sleep too good last night. So, I slept a bit today. I watched the Huskies dispatch the Louisville Cardinals from the bed, then rolled over and slept some more. Oh, and I listened to my police scanner on my latest addiction.

I listen to the scanner all the time now. Yesterday I heard them do a routine traffic stop on someone I know! She got a warning for headlight violation. I also heard some heavy duty stuff, like a girl in our old neighborhood fighting with her family, taking a knife to them. They got the knife away from her and her brother was sitting on her, holding her down until the police got there. That was a mental health case.

It's very interesting. I can't imagine how the police can do that stuff day after day. Too much excitement!

We're watching the Super Bowl now. Don't know why, really. My team was over long ago. Maybe next year.

The ads can be fun though.

Nighty night!

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