Monday, August 24, 2009

Follow up to yesterday's post

I forgot to include what happened while we were at Foxwoods!

When we got back to Janet's house, we saw that my car's lights were on....we were puzzled...and then realized that the car was still running! Sandy had forgotten to turn it off. It ran on some gasoline and mostly the battery for almost six hours. I dare anyone without a hybrid to do that!

My mileage notice read 26.4 mpg after this...prior to this it had read 38.7 mpg...when I turned the car over to Sandy.

I don't blame is so easy to forget to turn the car off and it's so hard to realize that it is still running. It's so quiet. However, she did say that she heard the car beeping at her as she locked the doors. That's the alert we need to pay attention to.

And Jean told me that as she and Dorothy were leaving the gaming area after the show Saturday night a guy got up from his chair in front of a slot machine and just dropped to the floor. She was pretty sure he was dead. Sandy says that happens frequently at the casinos. They call them "casino cardiacs." I bet (get it?) that people ignore the symptoms so they can continue gambling. That is sad.

I can't believe that I forgot to include these tidbits...they are arguably the most interesting things about the weekend!

Oh, and I love the Lutherans! They are allowing non-celibate gay clergy to continue preaching.
Good for them!


Marieps said...

That is hilarious! About the car I mean. The guy dropping to the floor-that's a daily occurence I'm sure.

Audge said...

I'm still upset about the cash for clunkers! I mean, killing cars like my '91 Subaru Loyale or '87 Caddy Fleetwood Brougham! Classics!