Friday, August 21, 2009

Halfway home!

Had chemo #11 today. Another 11 to go. Sometimes it feels like I've just started this process, sometimes it feels as if I have been doing it for years! I got the good news about my CT scan today--everything looks great in gremlins popping up anywhere. Happy day!

It has been so hot this week. I worked on Monday and Wednesday and was supposed to work today, but I couldn't because of chemo. I'm on stand-by for Monday. They don't need as many people so they canceled me--but then they said the back-up person isn't feeling I'm on stand-by. It's all good. I get paid either way.

Today the nurse put me on Effexor...which is an antidepressant that also helps with hot flashes. The Tylenol PM she suggested last time really helps me fall asleep when I first go to bed and when I wake up at night....from the hot flashes. Hopefully the Effexor will help reduce the hot flashes. I used to take hormones for this but can't now because of the chemo.

I don't mind being on an antidepressant. I kind of run to depression anyway. I've always been that way...have to fight depression most of the time. I used to be on a different med that helped "smooth things out" for me. It can't hurt that's for sure!

Jerry Remy is back in the booth where he belongs...just hope the Sox respond and dig their way out of this 5-1 deficit! Ooops! 6-1 deficit!

I don't trust Brad Penny.

Tomorrow is a big picnic in Massachusetts at the McElreath's, I'll be picking Bob and Wini up at noon and heading up to Linwood. Then I take them home, come home and rest for a bit, then it's off to Norwich to meet up with Janet and Jess to go to dinner at Foxwoods and then see the "Legends" show that we have been eagerly anticipating. We'll be seeing "Michael Jackson, Cher, Bette Midler" and I can't rememer who else. Should be lots of fun. I hope I'm not too tired!

Sunday I think I'll just lie in the recliner and enjoy the Sox and Yankees. Or watch the hurricane or whatever it is that's headed this way.

Batten down the hatches folks!

Nighty night.

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Stephen Robert Miller said...

I have to pass on the picnic this year :( I have a long day Sunday. Going to Montreal to get my truck