Monday, September 7, 2009

Well....the pain continues in my abdomen....but it is slowing down a bit. I am doing the prune juice and sennakot route and today I dug out the Miralax that Dr. Lachance gave me months ago. All of this is working (occasionally)...but I have to keep up this routine or it doesn't come out.

And I was just thinking a couple of weeks ago, "remember when your stomach hurt so bad? Good thing that's over!" HA! I have to remember not to have such thoughts from now on.

I do believe it is adhesions from my surgeries. These are causing small blockages in my bowels and thus the pain. I don't understand why my stomach pouch was so painful though. Sandy thinks I might have had a virus of some sort.

I never got a call about the CT scan. When (and if) I do, I'm going to tell them to fahgeddabouddit!

I keep walking and moving about...that helps even though it hurts at the same time.

As I told Robin (who gave me great suggestions on what to do to help), having this is still better than having cancer!

The weather has been wonderful and it looks like it will continue. It proves the theory I have held since I was a kid...the week the kids go back to school is always the best week of the year...weatherwise! It always seemed that way when I was a kid in school. Anyway, I fell asleep on the deck, lying in the sun, this morning after having my coffee. It felt good.

I work two days this week, tomorrow and Thursday. Friday I have chemo. Then it's time to start getting ready for Tennessee!

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