Friday, July 17, 2009

Well...the week is over, just like that! Wednesday I was supposed to go to my surgeon (gastric by-pass doctor) for my annual check-up. I was actually supposed to go last week, but forgot! As usual. Well...Wednesday morning they call to see if I can come in earlier than my 11:30 appt. We were supposed to drop Lily off at Jean's at 10:30....and the doctor is in New Haven so I didn't see how I could get there any sooner....but I told them I'd try.

When we got to Jean's, she hadn't returned from her surgery (eyelid) so we had to wait. It was getting close to 10:45 so I called the doctor and told them I couldn't make it early. They said, come in at one I said okay. Then Jean came home and Sandy said to call and see if we could come in at 11:30 so I did...and they said okay. I was getting sick of the whole damned thing and wanted to cancel the appointment...really!

So, we are almost into New's 11:15 and they call me to tell me that Deb had left and she would see me when she returned...I asked, "and when is that?" and they said "one o'clock.

Of course.

We went over to Ikea and checked out the top floor, then went to the doctor's office. Deb was rushed...I think they were I got a cursory check and my lab slip. I told Sandy later that the only reason I go for the follow-up appts is for the lab slip! Too bad they can't just mail it to me. Oh well...I do love to go to Ikea....

Back to Ikea we go and have lunch. We decided to have big meals, so I had the special....barbecued ribs; mashed potatoes and corn bread. OMG! Was it good! You would think Swedes wouldn't know a thing about barbecue and corn bread. The ribs were delicious! I always love their mashed red potatoes, but I didn't expect to absolutely LOVE their corn bread! It was crispy on the outside and so sweet!!!

We got some neat stuff using the gift certificate Maria gave us when we moved in here....including a big glass vase for our bamboo...which has gone nuts and is about four feet high, I swear! We put this in the bathroom window. There's room to grow there with the "cathedral" ceiling.

Yesterday I got up all full of energy. I vaccumed downstairs and washed the floors and then I collapsed. I don't know what it was...if it was a result of all the action last week with Katie and the kids here and the chemo...but I was so the point of exhaustion. Usually I rejuvenate by sitting and not moving....that worked on Wednesday when we came back from Ikea. Yesterday, it took even longer for me to feel better.

So, this morning I got up, fed the pets and went to the gym. I did most of my old routine--20 minutes on the tread climber (albeit at a slightly slower setting); did the resistance machines in the "ladies exercise area"--at 10 lbs lower than my old settings; did 15 minutes on the stationery bike and did my stretches. Oh...I added exercises with the five lb dumbbells....something I didn't use to do.

It felt good. I felt energized just as Sandy said I would. I have been fighting this fatigue and exhaustion for some time. I realize that because I am getting the chemo (let's face it...I have just about every side effect) the fatigue is going to continue. The best thing to combat the fatigue is aerobic exercise.

I'm going to keep going to the gym.

Had a feeling about Janet's Dad and went up to her house on my way home. Sure enough, he passed away this morning. Talked with Jess and Jeremy. They don't know when the memorial service will be. They mentioned that Janet needs to get away for a few days to get a break---I said she could come stay with us and be pampered. I called Sandy and she suggested that I take Janet up to idea which I love, of course!

Walter Cronkite died tonight. I loved Walter from the first moment I heard his voice. I remember what he said when the astronauts walked on the moon: "this is the farthest away from home that man has ever been." I remember him when he came on to make the announcement that President Kennedy had died....and how he took off his glasses to wipe a tear away. I remember him during the riots at the convention in Chicago....remember when he announced that the 100th service member had died in Vietnam; remember when he went to many memories. He was the first, last and only newsman that I trusted completely. If he said it was was so. They DO NOT make them like Walter anymore.

Oh...and on a different note: Sandy was mowing today and the guy next door came over and introduced himself! No one in the neighborhood had ever spoken with him! He and she chatted for awhile. He said that a coyote was in his yard the other day, he thinks it was going after his cat. He wanted to warn her about them because of the dogs. He also said that a coyote made a nest under his porch one time and died under there...and that his ex-wife locked a coyote in the garage once and then their dog got mange and the vet thought it might have picked it up from the coyote.

The other thing he told her is that he thinks the tree that we want to cut down (a poplar cottonwood) is on the strip of land owned by the town for an easement to the wet area between our houses. Sandy will call the town. I told her have them cut it down...why should we pay for it?

Sox are playing the Blue Jays, who are playing in their pajamas. Sox are FINALLY getting rid of Julio Lugo...what took them so long???

Nighty night

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